Office 2016 preview of the October feature update for Mac is released to Insider Slow members. The Office 2016 version number is 15.27 (161003). If you are a Slow ring Office insider, check your updates.

New in Office 2016 15.27(161003) for Mac

  • More functions: In Excel, use CONCAT or TEXTJOIN to shorten your text formulas, or try the forecasting functions to help you see the future. (Feature requires an Office 365 subscription.)
  • Trim audio and video files: In PowerPoint, trim unwanted content from the beginning or the end of your audio or video files. You can also trigger an animation by using a bookmark in your media file. (Feature requires an Office 365 subscription.)
  • Make sure your notes are accessible: In OneNote, find and fix accessibility issues in your notes using the Accessibility Checker on the Tools menu.
  • Try our new designs: In OneNote, the team made some changes to help you get around your notes. Check them out by turning on Preferences > General > Enable experimental features.


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