Yahoo announced that old Yahoo Messenger will be discontinued after August 5. The company has already stopped its legacy chat client app distribution. After august 5 users won’t able to log in or send messages on it or third party-clients that used its application programming interface.

Official company post:

While today we provide basic interoperation between the legacy product and the new Messenger, we encourage all of our users to complete their transition to the new Yahoo Messenger as we will no longer support the legacy platform as of August 5, 2016. We intend to continue our focused efforts on the new Messenger, with a goal of delivering the best experience to our users.

Once famous in the Asia-Pacific region, the app was launched in 1998 under the name “Yahoo Pager.” Now after launching the modern version of messenger app last year, the company is shutting down its 18-year-old messaging application.

The change affects the legacy chatting clients on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The company also announced that it will also discontinue the Yahoo Recommends. A content discovery tool for third-party websites that can suggest articles to read.


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