Microsoft announced the latest version of Outlook mail and calendar app for Android wears. New Outlook watch face stay surfaced on your smartwatch screen at all times. Features include daily events, inbox notifications, and interacting with messages like default screen.

Microsoft introduced Outlook to wearables with an Apple iWatch version last year. Microsoft Outlook mail and calendar app for Android version comes with more features than iWatch.

Anything scheduled on the calendar will be easily visible, like Meetings and event times will be highlighted with an assigned color. Make it easy for the wearer to see exactly how much time they have left. Tapping an event’s notification will bring up time, place, and notes. New updated app now compatible with the Android mobile application as well as the Android smart watches.

Microsoft Outlook application also makes it easy to access through the Android smart watch. A notification will appear in the center of the dial when a user receives a new email. With the help of voice dictation users can read, flag, archive, delete, and even reply to the email with the simple pre-defined responses. The email has an event in it, it only takes a couple of taps to give a RSVP and add it to your current calendar.