Paladins update OB60 for PS4 will be soon roll out for players. The latest Open Beta 60 update has added a new Onslaught Map. The update also includes multiple bug fixes and improvements to the game.

The update has fixed the sightlines that made it too easy to defend the capture point. Also, the latest patch has removed some meshes that made walkways tight.

Paladins Patch Notes for update OB60


Design changes and features

  • Frozen Guard
    • Fix sightlines that made it too easy to defend the capture point
    • Removed some meshes that made walkways tight
    • Lower capture point mesh
    • Fix end of game camera at both payload push points and capture point
  • Brightmarsh
    • Both sides of the capture point near the window have identical assets for balancing purposes.
  • Outpost
    • Fix a reverb volume
    • Rebuild blocking volumes
  • Frostbite Caverns
    • Fixed an area where players could walk through
  • Removed Onslaught Overtime mechanic.
  • Test Queue rotation
    • Added Salt


  • Added toggle ‘Show Cauterize on Team Healthbar’ in Options > Gameplay.
    • Added toggle ‘Character Music Volume’ in Options > Audio. This will control whether you hear music playing from Champions, currently only Raeve Maeve
    • In Chat, /r will autofill a name and tab can cycle through past whisper contacts.
    • Added sound notifications when you receive messages, party invites, etc. This had been accidentally added to OB59 release notes.
    • Added a variety of gameplay based voice lines for Champions (i.e. when on point, healing, etc)
    • Changed player perspective on initial round back to first person (FOR NOW).

Read full Paladins patch notes here.


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