Paragon Open Beta is now available on PlayStation 4. That means everyone with PS4 can play Paragon for free right now. Go to PlayStation Store and download the game for free.

Paragon Open Beta features

Here are the highlights for the things done since we entered Early Access in March.

  • Released new Heroes every three weeks, including Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, Khaimera, Riktor, GRIM.exe, Greystone, and The Fey. (We’re at 20 Heroes and counting.)
  • Instituted Draft Mode.
  • Added tons of awesome skins, including this savage Scarab Grux skin last week.
  • Added 43 new cards.
  • Integrated Twitch API rewards.
  • Many balance changes, UI updates, and we’ve even updated the menu music three times.