PlayStation App gets major makeover on Android and iOS

Sony today announced new updated PlayStation App for Android and iOS devices. The app now features four main sections – What’s New, Friends, Notifications, and Profile. What’s New functions similar to the page by the same name on your PS4, showcasing new games you might be interested in, trophies your friends have received, status updates, and more.

The updated interface also features a new central PS button, which is similar to the well-received PS4 Quick Menu, which ensures the Apps key features are never more than a touch away.

playstation app (2)

From the PS Button menu, you’ll have instant access to a whole host of features, from browsing the PS Store and remotely managing PS4 downloads to checking out upcoming events.

For a more seamless experience between our family of Apps, you can also access PlayStation Messages, PlayStation Communities, and the all-new PS4 Second Screen App via the PS Button menu too.

You can now use PS4 Second Screen to navigate your PS4’s menu, use the on-screen keyboard and even view extra content in compatible games, such as map and radars.

Download PlayStation Messages (Apple Store / Google Play)

Download PS4 Second Screen App (Apple Store / Google Play)