Plex app update 3.2.5 for Windows 10 released with new features and fixes

Plex UWP app update version 3.2.5 is now rolling out to Windows 10 PC and mobile devices. The latest update brings new features like support for camera upload, dim background art instead of the blur effect, show movie trailers hub and more. Plex app update 3.2.5 also brings bug fixes and improvements for Windows 10 devices.

This new update will gradually roll out to everyone. Only a small percentage of users will initially see the release, followed by a full rollout.

NEW in Plex app update 3.2.5:

  • (Camera Upload) Support uploading of videos.
  • (Search) Move focus to search box when a user presses Search or F3.
  • (Plex Pass) Show movie trailers hub.
  • (Play Queues) Add “Add to Queue” at library section level.
  • (Video) Add remote quality setting.
  • (Video) Add active quality setting an indication to the in-player quality selector.
  • Add option to dim background art instead of the blur effect.

Fixed in Plex app update 3.2.5:

  • (Camera Upload) Inform the server regarding the user preference for auto-tagging when creating a new library.
  • (Camera Upload) Display error messages from the server instead of generic error message.
  • (Mobile) Subtitle selector is not visible inside video player.
  • (Mobile) Continue Watching hub items could have the wrong width upon initialization
  • (Mobile) Add a chevron to the jump lists in order to improve the visibility of the clickable area
  • (Post Play) Fix playback not starting after the previous video completed playback.
  • (Music) Playlist not loading more tracks as the user moves through the playlist.
  • (Plex Home) Adapt user avatar’s image resolution when used in devices with display scaling above 100%.
  • (Video) Don’t pause automatically if the user switches to another virtual desktop, or opens another full-screen UWP app.
  • (Video) Fixed a situation where the app would not attempt to transcode if the server denied direct playback due to bandwidth limits.
  • (Companion) Players were not being tested if insecure connections were not allowed.
  • (Search) Do not trigger search automatically when running on Mobile, as that takes the input field away from the user.
  • (Search) App crashes when selecting item with multiple locations from search.
  • (Companion) Improve handling when the app attaches to a player which is playing content not accessible to the signed in user.
  • Improve app startup time in cases where the Windows Store is not responding.
  • Fix battery drain issue reported by some users.
  • Fix inadvertent signing out of user when no internet connectivity is available.
  • Cache images to improve performance when navigating.
  • Breadcrumbs not truncating when names are longer than available space.
  • Fixed issue where flyout on Discover pivot didn’t always show options.
  • Fixed an aspect of DNS rebinding protection detection.
  • A number of user-reported crashes.

Download the app from Windows Store or from the link below.

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrfj3q8]