Third party Pokemon Go app POGO UWP app is now available again. PoGo v1.0.50 (v1.1.0-RC3) for Windows 10 Mobile released. A few days back, Pokemon Go’s game developer Niantic, changed their API, because of that PoGo app failed to connect to it. Now PoGo is back.

PoGo v1.0.50 (v1.1.0-RC3) Changelog:

  • Fixed API, game is now playable again!
  • A lot of cool stuff.

Known issues

  • Captcha feature is missing, meaning that this version is not 100% safe. Team is releasing this quick update just to allow you to play again while we deal with missing features.
  • PTC login may fail and cause the app to crash.
  • Screen may flicker if proximity sensor is covered, even if game’s battery saver feature is disabled.

Click here for download and instructions for installation.


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