Updated version of PoGo UWP app v1.0.29 v1.1.0-RC2 has been released. PoGo app is a third party Pokémon Go app on Windows 10 Mobile. The new update brings many new features to Windows 10 mobile. New features include Pokedex, battery saver mode, level up notification and more.

New in PoGo UWP app v1.0.29 v1.1.0-RC2

  • Added item inventory
  • Added Pokedex
  • Added battery saver mode
  • Added level up notification
  • Added hatching notification
  • Added new translations


  • Improved update system, now we can remotely disable the app if some game breaking change happens.
  • Improved network Handling.
  • Improved UI
  • Improved app messages to make them more useful.
  • PoGo UWP app v1.0.29 fixed catching bugs
  • Fixed bug in proto files that caused wrong values to be sent to the server.
  • PoGo UWP app v1.0.29 fixed resume to map page after suspension.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor things.


  • Everything that you see in the issue tracker so please, again, search before opening a new issue.

Click here for download and instructions for installation.


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