At CES, Razer made a splash with its Project Valerie gaming laptop prototype. Razer Project Valerie gaming laptop includes three 4K displays, with two that can slide out when you need them or be packed away when you don’t.

However, after the end of CES, Razer’s CEO reported that two prototype devices were stolen on the last day of the show. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted, “Two of our prototypes were stolen from our booth at CES today. We have filed the necessary reports and are currently working with the show management as well as law enforcement to address this issue.

Meanwhile, the stolen prototypes are now already up for sale. Recently, Razer Project Valerie gaming laptop listed at Chinese retail and auction site Taobao. Currently, the laptop is set at 150,000 RMB ($22,000).

Razer is also offering up to a $25,000 reward for information on the lost gadgets.


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