Seagate has announced Seagate Innov8, which is the world’s first desktop external hard drive that is powered by a single USB Type-C cable. Innov8 is an 8TB monster that doesn’t need an AC adaptor to be powered, instead relying on the host device – such as a laptop or a desktop – to supply power via a USB Type-C port. Seagate has chosen a USB controller compliant with the newer (and faster) USB 3.1 specification.

seagate innov8

The Innov8 ‘s enclosure is made of aluminum and features a simple industrial design, and was made in partnership with Huge-Design.

Seagate’s Innov8 will cost you $349 – but its 8TB capacity should be more than enough for most users’ needs, and it comes with the Seagate Dashboard software for easy backup management and offering 200GB of OneDrive storage. The drive will be available next month.