Sharp RoboHon robot phone coming next month for $1800


Sharp RoboHon is all the basic smartphone functions reborn into a tiny robot body. It walks, it dances, and an embedded projector inside its head can display photos and video at a functional-enough 720p resolution. Sharp confirms that it does have LTE radios inside.

Sharp adds that it’s already working on NTT Docomo, Japan’s biggest phone carrier. Although its plans to couple with smaller MVNO carriers at this point, rather than announce a launch with a big phone network. Sharp may have to do a lot of the heavy PR lifting itself.

Sharp RoboHon
Sharp RoboHon for $1800

Robohon has a two-inch QVGA screen. Sharp’s response here is that the phone is a robot that you talk to, reducing the need for screen interactions. To that aim, there’s three different voice recognition technologies working inside the bot, including offline voice recognition. Cloud voice recognition comes courtesy of Nuance.

Sharp RoboHon is going on sale starting from next month. At a press launch at Sharp HQ in Tokyo, Launching on May 26th in Japan, the robot phone will cost 198,000 yen or $1,800.


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