Skype bots for Expedia, UPS and more are announced

The Skype has announced new bots for Expedia, UPS, StubHub and more. The Skype team also said that a new bot is on its way from, that will help teach users a new language.

The Expedia bot for Skype will let you quickly find and book hotel rooms. Expedia bot can also help you manage reservations, confirm or cancel flights and book hotels. You can also ask any travel related questions to the Expedia bot.

UPS bot is currently available on Skype. The UPS bot will let you track packages and calculate shipping rates, as well as ask personalized questions. StubHub bot also helps you to easily purchase tickets for concerts and more.

Microsoft is betting big on the future of AI overall, and its clear that its bot initiatives are a large part of that. The company is also expected to bring Skype voice bots, where you can talk to bots in the future.