Street Fighter V update 1.14 brings fixes and improvements -Patch Notes

Capcom today released official patch notes for recently released Street Fighter V update 1.14. According to the official Street Fighter V version 1.14 patch notes, there are bug fixes and game improvements.

The game developers also released previous and upcoming STV update patch notes. Check out full details below.

Street Fighter V Update 1.14 Patch Notes [October 25, 2017]

Following server maintenance on October 25, 2017, Street Fighter V has been updated to version 02.070.

The following DLC is now available.

— Character: Zeku
— Additional Costume (“Story”): Zeku
— Additional Costume (“Battle Outfit 1”): Zeku
— Additional Costume (“Nostalgia”): Zeku
— Additional Costume (“Sporty”): Zangief
— Additional Costume (“Sporty”): Karin
— Additional Costume (“Sporty”): Kolin

The following DLC has been re-released.

— Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Pack

Dates of Availability: Oct 25 (Wed) to Nov 29 (Wed), 2017
Note: This is the first availability for the PC version.

Other functionality improvements

— We have resolved the issue where, in Battle Lounge, a “?” would frequently be displayed in place of the antenna.

Street Fighter V Update Patch Notes [November 2, 2017 ]

Battle-Related Fixes


  • Fixed the bug where Menat would gain V-Gauge upon hitting her standing MP as a counter hit.


  • When Ibuki performed her Yamikazura throw (press LP+LK simultaneously), due to switching places the opponent would lose their charge. This has been fixed to allow the opponent to retain their charge.

Street Fighter V Patch Notes [Next Update]


  • When Young Zeku is in the initial startup for each of his jumps, as he would lose his collision boxes, the opponent would pass through him. This issue is currently scheduled to be fixed in the next update.


  • The total frames for Young Zeku’s back recovery is 5F longer than the other characters. This issue is currently scheduled to be fixed in the next update.


  • The hurtbox for when Old/Young Zeku turns around while crouching will be fixed to be roughly the same as the other characters.

Check your game update and download latest Street Fighter V update 1.14 on your PS4 or PC.