With new Telegram app update, users can edit sent messages. New message feature works on chats, groups chats and one-on-one conversations. Telegram app update include more features like new mentions, people list, bot attachments and interface improvements.

To edit sent message you need to tap and hold on a message, then press ‘Edit’. With new Mention feature update, you can mention any members in a group, even if they don’t have a username. Users can search people list for recent chats. Telegram app update also makes it easier to add bots.

Telegram app update brings new interface improvements like quick sharing buttons to forwarded messages from bots, channels, and public groups.

For iOS users, the Telegram messenger app now remembers the scroll position in chats when switching to a different chat and back. The update is now available to download from Android and iOS stores.

Telegram App Update change log:

  • Edit your messages everywhere within 2 days after posting.
  • Mention people in groups by typing @ and selecting them from the list — even if they don’t have a username.
  • Get to your friends faster with the new People list in Search.
  • Find inline bot shortcuts in the attachment menu.
  • Add chat shortcuts to the home screen.