Complimenting today’s big GIF button update for Twitter, the social network continues to add new features in hopes of bringing the service up to speed with rivals. Because messaging is one of those things Facebook does so well, Twitter is introducing the ability to record and send video messages in direct messages.

Rolling out today across Android and iOS versions of the apps, video recording works exactly the same way it always has. Just click the little camera icon in the bottom left corner and select the video record icon at the top. From there, holding down on the video button begins recording and you can even stop and restart again to combine clips (up to 30 seconds total). It’s pretty useful and worked without a hitch on our Nexus 6P.

Last week we saw Twitter introduce a new Facebook-like Timeline feature to its app, an effort to entice new users and improve their stagnant growth. Twitter is often seen as “confusing” or in some cases, not as engaging as other social networks. This probably has something to do with the underlying way that Twitter works (people you follow don’t see your status updates unless they follow you back). Whether or not small little tweaks like this will help spark much needed growth remains to be seen.