U.S. Cellular Total Plans announced with unlimited option with No Hidden Fees

U.S. Cellular Total Plans announced with an unlimited option with No Hidden Fees. U.S. Cellular Total Plans has no activation fees, no monthly device connection charges, and no upgrade or overage costs. Also, there is now an unlimited data plan.

Official Post,

“We want to be forthright with customers by knocking out hidden fees once and for all and showing wireless users exactly what they are paying for. Our new plans allow families and small businesses to customize their plans for each individual’s needs, from 2GB of data to unlimited, all with simplified pricing and discounts,” said Grant Leech, vice president of brand management at U.S. Cellular. “We also know that in order to deliver a great wireless experience, we need to have a reliable network that keeps up with the data demands of our customers, so we provide a fast 4G LTE network that works when and where our customers need it.”

Customers now have options to choose between 2GB, 6GB, and unlimited data per month. So for $60 a month, you can get a single line with video streaming (480p SD), hot-spot capability, and free calling to our neighbors Canada and Mexico. After every line on the account reaches 22GB, you will be throttled to 2G speeds.

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