Verizon disconnecting unlimited plan users with average use of 200GB monthly

New reports are emerging that Verizon is disconnecting those users on its unlimited plan that average 200GB of use consistently on a monthly basis.

When it comes to unlimited data plans, data usage wasn’t a priority for many subscribers in the starting. But as time passed and our content consumption evolved, the need for data quickly escalated. Although, not everyone uses an excessive amount. However, there are a small percentage of users that rely heavily on their unlimited data.

For these individuals, Verizon will be disconnecting their service this week and offer them to migrate to newer plans by February 16. However, new verizon plans are costly.

Currently, Verizon is offering a 100GB plan for $450 a month. If you want to stay with the company, you have to pay quite a bit going forward. Recently, AT&T also has begun warning its customers that a $5 increase in its unlimited data plans will occur starting in March 2017.