WiFi 802.11ay will support 176 Gb/s data speed

IEEE 802.11ay specification is now out. The upcoming Wifi 802.11ay will be an improvement over 802.11ad. According to new specs, WiFi will able to transfer data at 176 Gb/s. That means high-speed internet, data transfer, and wireless displays will rock.

WiFi 802.11ay will have a frequency of 60 GHz, a transmission rate of 20–40 Gbit/s and an extended transmission distance of 300–500 meters. Also, there is likely to have mechanisms for channel bonding and MU-MIMO technologies.

Currently, 802.11ad uses a maximum of 2.16 GHz bandwidth. However, IEEE 802.11ay will combine four of those channels together for a maximum bandwidth of 8.64 GHz. Also, MIMO will support maximum of 4 streams. The link-rate per stream is 44Gb/s, with four streams this goes up to 176Gb/s.

WiFi 802.11ay draft version 1.0 is expected to be available in July 2017.