Microsoft is now rolling out new Windows 10 build 17074 for fast ring insiders. The latest build brings new features, bug fixes, and various other improvements.

The new build has added improvements to the Microsoft Edge, Quiet Hours and more. In addition, the new build addressed an issue where in certain cases USB devices with unreliable connections might cause bugchecks (GSOD) on PCs. Check out full changelog below.

New in Windows 10 build 17074

Reimagined Windows Internationalization

  • Windows 10 build 17074 redesigned localization of Windows in this release. Now you can find your desired language (Local Experience Pack – or “Language Pack”) through the Microsoft Store and Region & Language section of the Settings app. We have also started utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural network-based Machine Learning (ML) for Windows localization.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Hub improvements:

  • Windows 10 build 17074 also revamped the Hub view in Microsoft Edge to show more content and to be easier and more intuitive to use.

Autofill cards on web forms:

  • Microsoft Edge can now save and automatically fill your card information on payment web forms.

New reading experience for EPUB, PDF, and Reading View: 

  • Overhauled the look and feel of the reading and Books experiences in Microsoft Edge

Grammar Tools for EPUB books and Reading View:

  • When viewing reflowable EPUB books or Reading View for websites, you can now use the new Grammar Tools button to enable new comprehension aids.

New Full-screen reading experience:

You can now take Books, PDFs, and Reading View pages full-screen, for a distraction-free reading experience.

Improved roaming for progress and notes across devices: 

  • For Store books, reading progress, notes, bookmarks, and annotations will roamed much faster across devices on the same account in near-real-time via WNS.

General Improvements: 

  • Windows 10 build 17074 made many improvements to fixed layout EPUB books, so content should be arranged more predictably on the page. Users of assistive technology will also find several improvements to viewing PDFs or Books with a screen reader, including more explicit narration when opening, loading, and navigating books.

Improved Library experience: 

  • Now, in addition to refreshing your library or pinning books to your Start menu, you can see recommendations for new books (when your library is empty) or filter expired rentals from the current library view.

Audio Narrated Books: 

Windows 10 build 17074 added support for EPUB Media Overlays, enabling support for a tailored narration experience, including custom audio and highlight styles.

Favorites bar improvements: 

  • The Favorites Bar will now automatically show on Start and New tab pages, if you have at least one favorite in it.

Option to never save passwords for domains:

  • One of the top pieces of Windows Insider feedback was to provide an option to never save password for certain sites. When you choose to never save passwords, you shall never be prompted with a save password notification for that site.

Autofill passwords when InPrivate:

  • Microsoft Edge now supports auto-filling of saved passwords when browsing InPrivate. To view a list of available credentials for a site, click on the username field and it would populate all saved credentials for the website. No user credentials will be saved or updated when the windows is InPrivate.

Use Extensions when InPrivate: 

  • Windows 10 build 17074 added the ability to load extensions when Microsoft Edge is in an InPrivate window. You can grant individual extensions permission to run in InPrivate from the options menu for the extension.

Variable Fonts:

  • Microsoft Edge now supports CSS extensions for OpenType Font Variations, which allows single “variable” font files to behave like multiple fonts, with a range of weight, width, or other attributes.

Vertically dock the Microsoft Edge DevTools:

  • The Microsoft Edge DevTools can now be docked vertically. Click the new “Dock Right” button in the top-right corner of the tools to toggle the location.

Windows Shell Improvements

Quiet Hours: This build you can automatically choose those times when you don’t want to be bothered with Quiet Hours automatic rules.

  • Quiet Hours will automatically turn on when you are duplicating your display. Never get interrupted during presentations again!
  • Quiet Hours will turn on automatically when you are playing a full screen exclusive DirectX game.
  • You can set the schedule that works for you so that Quiet Hours are always on when you want them. Go to Settings > Quiet Hours to configure your schedule.
  • Customize your own priority list so that your important people and apps always breakthrough when Quiet Hours are on. People pinned to your task bar with always break through!
  • See a summary of what you missed while you were in Quiet Hours.
  • If you’re using Cortana, you can also have Quiet Hours turn on while you’re at home.

Making your folders more discoverable:

Windows 10 build 17074 making it easier to navigate to the things you care about by showing links to the Documents and Pictures folders in the Start menu by default. If you’d like to customize the folders that appear here, just right-click an item and there’s now a link directly to the customization settings.

Start menu with context menu showing saying “personalize this list” that would appear after right-clicking the Photos folder icon on the left side of Start.

Near Share Improvements:

  • Made some important reliability fixes to the feature with this build, so please give it a try once you upgrade.

Windows Settings Improvements

Improved Storage Settings:

  • If you head to Settings you’ll find that Disk Cleanup functionality has been rolled over into Storage Settings as part of our efforts to consolidate our settings experience.

Temporary files section in Settings – scanning for temp files, shows Thumbnails, Temporary files, Recycle Bin and more things that can be cleaned up.

Sound Settings Improvements: 

  • Continuing our work to make the new Sound Settings page a one stop shop for your audio needs, Windows 10 build 17074 made some more design tweaks and have added some more helpful links. Also, added a brand new “App volume and device preferences” page to help you customize your audio experience to best fit your needs and preferences.

Sound settings landing page, showing these two new options under Other sound options.

About Settings Improvements:

  • Updated About Settings so you can now select and copy your device name. We’ve also added a link to System info and updated our search strings so that if you search for “computer name” you’ll now see a link that takes you to About Settings.

Manage app execution aliases from Settings:

  • Added a new page under Apps & Features Settings where you can turn these execution aliases on or off (particularly in the case where multiple apps use the same alias, and you want to choose which to give preference to).

Input Improvements

Introducing the Embedded Handwriting Panel:

  • New handwriting experience brings handwriting input into the text control!

Handwriting Recognition Updates  

Windows can now recognize Hindi handwriting:

  • Expanding handwriting capabilities to new languages including Hindi, Welsh, Sesotho, Wolof and Maori!

XAML Improvements

Reveal in Light theme: 

  • Reveal will now show up by default with dark borders in light theme, but will continue to have a white hover Reveal:

Improved NavigationView:

  • We’ve stabilized and added animations for item headers, pane opening, and item selection events.
  • We’ve fixed several bugs with the Back Button in NavigationView.

Border Reveal in Lists: 

  • Based on feedback we’ve made the decision to removal Border Reveal in lists. It will be removed for ListView and TreeView. It will still be visible in NavigationView.

CommandBar Margins: 

  • Added a 2px margin between AppBarButtons by default when they are in a CommandBar. This also applies to the AppBarButtonRevealStyleThis can be seen below:

Important note about the Camera app

  • Insiders will get a more personalized behavior, like remembering the last camera and scene used. Handling two cameras simultaneously and more resolution options are available too.

Fixed in Windows 10 build 17074

  • We have rolled out Sets to more Insiders – if you see it show up, please try it out and do the Quests in Feedback Hub!
  • This build includes mitigations to protect Insiders from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. For more information on this topic, please see this blog post from Terry Myerson. Additionally, if you are running 3rd party antivirus software on your PC you will need to ensure you are running the latest most up-to-date version of your antivirus software with the latest antivirus definitions to avoid having your PC get into a bad state.
  • Windows now fully supports Adobe-style “.otf” OpenType Variable Fonts, like the Acumin Variable Concept font and others recently released by Adobe.
  • Insiders running Windows 10 S may have noticed that after upgrading to the latest builds, their PC appears to be running “Windows 10 Pro In S Mode”. This change is by design and these PCs will continue to function as Windows 10 S PCs and will continue to be able to take Insider Preview builds as part of testing RS4. We’ll have more to share as we get closer to the next Windows 10 release.
  • For Insiders who reported that Windows needs activation after upgrading to Build 17063, this build includes the fix that caused the issue however you will need to use the Activation Troubleshooter to get your activation back into a good state once you’re on this build.
  • We have added a new PowerShell cmdlet to retrieve decoded logs for Delivery Optimization (Get-DeliveryOptimizationLog).
  • Updated the reveal effect in the Taskbar’s Clock and Calendar flyout such that the day with focus now has a lighter background.
  • Now that it’s had some time to receive your feedback, we’ve updated to be the default keyboard for the Tamil language.
  • Fixed an issue where Settings might crash if the window was too small.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Update Settings unexpectedly displayed two horizontal lines.
  • Addressed an issue where in certain cases USB devices with unreliable connections might cause bugchecks (GSOD) on PCs.
  • Addressed an issue from the previous flight where touch and pen weren’t working on the non-primary display. This might also have resulted in mouse, touch, and pen input not happening in the right place after an orientation change or when using a non-native aspect ratio.
  • Fixed an issue where if you were using any EUDC fonts Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and other apps that use a webview wouldn’t launch.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Microsoft Edge crashing when deleting favorites.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge might crash when trying to copy text or login on certain websites.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge might crash when opening PDFs on the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge resulting in images on going blank after a follow/unfollow user action.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in a white line being visible on the right side of screen when certain videos are watched full screen in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed an issue where while navigating through OOBE, some of the buttons in the pages might not display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Themes appearing in Start after they’d been downloaded from Store.
  • Updated the reveal effect in the Taskbar’s Clock and Calendar flyout such that the day with focus now has a lighter background.
  • Fixed an issue where the feedback message (like from Windows Hello) could end up overlapping Spotlight text on the lock screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Update Settings unexpectedly displayed two horizontal lines.
  • Windows 10 build 17074 fixed an issue where when transparency effects were turned off the Virtual Desktops pane in Task View would overlap Timeline with no background.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an explorer.exe crash when using WIN + Tab to open Task View on the previous flight.
  • Addressed an issue resulting in an explorer.exe crash when trying to use control.exe to open app defaults.
  • Addressed an issue where the Taskbar might render completely transparent on secondary monitors.
  • Addressed an issue resulting in certain apps, like Firefox, might not have audio after upgrading to the previous flight. This issue also impacted the ability to record audio in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed an issue where surround sound gaming headsets would revert to stereo after rebooting.
  • Fixed an issue in the audio service around app impersonation which was breaking audio recording from apps like Firefox which intentionally run with a restricted token.
  • Fixed a couple of issues resulting in crashes in the “audiosrv” and “audioendpointbuilder” audio services which would cause audio not to work, or new audio devices not to be recognized.
  • Addressed an issue resulting in Hearthstone not launching on the previous build.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in fullscreen games getting stuck minimized or exiting fullscreen status unexpectedly.
  • Windows 10 build 17074 fixed an issue where the emoji panel search wasn’t working in desktop (Win32) apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the input flyout wouldn’t appear the first time you pressed WIN + Space.
  • Addressed a memory leak in NisSrv.exe from the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue where MsMpEng.exe might unexpectedly use a high number of disk I/Os per second for a long time.
  • Fixed an issue where WerFault.exe might spike to 50%+ CPU for an unexpectedly long time.
  • Fixed an issue from the previous flight where touch and pen weren’t working on the non-primary display. This might also have resulted in mouse, touch, and pen input not happening in the right place after an orientation change or when using a non-native aspect ratio.
  • Windows 10 build 17074 fixed an issue when using the Arabic touch keyboard where pressing Ctrl wouldn’t show the directional markers on the Shift keys.
  • Addressed an issue where the emoji panel search wasn’t working in desktop (Win32) apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the input flyout wouldn’t appear the first time you pressed WIN + Space.
  • Fixed an issue where the OneNote app wasn’t being included in Cortana’s ”Pick up where I left off” notifications.
  • Addressed an issue on certain PCs where using the fingerprint scanner wouldn’t wake the PC up from Connected Standby.
  • Fixed an issue where you might show as connected to the network, but you wouldn’t actually be connected to use the Internet.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases USB devices with unreliable connections might cause bugchecks (GSOD) on PCs.
  • Addressed two issues that could result in some PCs bugchecking (GSOD) when entering into Connected Standby. If you had a laptop that encountered this, the experience would have been that you’d open your laptop and unexpectedly be logging into a new session, rather than continuing the one open before closing the lid.
  • Fixed an issue where some Bluetooth devices weren’t working and Device Manager showing error 43 for those drivers.

Known Issues in Windows 10 build 17074

  • When users try to create a Microsoft Edge InPrivate window from inside a Mixed Reality headset, a regular window will get created instead. Users won’t be able to use InPrivate inside Mixed Reality in this build. InPrivate on desktop is not affected.
  • We’re preparing for the inclusion of OpenSSH Server as a deployment mechanism in Developer Mode. However the UI code got checked in ahead of the components, and so while there is a “Use OpenSSH (Beta) for remote deployment” switch in the UI under Settings, it won’t work, and turning it on will break remote deployment to that device until the switch is turned off.
  • When you open Task View immediately after an upgrade, Timeline may not be visible. If you encounter this, wait 15-30 minutes and try launching Task View again.
  • The Windows Defender icon is missing from the systray, even if it shows as enabled in Settings.
  • Certain devices may hang on the boot screen after upgrading. If this happens to you, go into the BIOS and disable virtualization.
  • Apps that come preinstalled with Windows may fail to update in the Store with error 0x80073CF9.
  • Audio playback from Microsoft Edge is sometimes unexpectedly muted. A workaround is to minimize Edge, count to three, and then unminimize.
  • Upgrading to 17063 or later builds sometimes causes Settings / Privacy / Microphone, Camera, etc. to flip to “disabled”, which breaks camera and microphone access. A workaround is to manually turn them back on.

Download Windows 10 build 17074 ISO


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