Whenever Microsoft unveils a new operating system, it’s always a family battle between the new, advanced version and the old but entrenched one, and things are no different for the latest member, Windows 10. Unveiled in July last year, Windows 10 has been slowly but surely climbing the usage chart, helped by Microsoft’s aggressive adoption strategy. New stats from StatCounter suggest that in the first month of the new year, Windows 10 has finally passed its immediate precursor – Windows 8.1 – to become the second most popular operating system in the world.

Specifically, Windows 10 touched Windows 8.1 market share of 11.11% back in December 2015. Since then, its usage has climbed 1.11% to 12.22% in January 2016, while Windows 8.1 has seen a decline of 0.35% to 10.76% in the same period.


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