Windows 10 IoT Core build 16193 is now available for Insiders. The new update comes with the bug fixes and other improvements. However, there are still some known issues with the build with Network connectivity failures and BluetoothLE devices may fail to fully connect. Check out the full changelog below.

Windows 10 IoT Core build 16193:

  • General bug fixes
  • We have removed the Z-Wave adapter for images built by Microsoft.
  • Enable secureboot to boot with cross signed drivers.
  • Enable Azure active directory
  • Windows 10 IoT Core build 16193 fixed an issue to reenable launching background tasks from visual studio.
  • There are two changes that impact building images with kits:
    • Provisioning versioning number is now a four part number ( earlier it was two part , treated as a single long number)
    • The <ApplicationManagement> tag is now under <Policies> – earlier this was under root.
      • Customizations.xml under appx folder needs to change.
      • Customizations.xml under product folder needs to change.

 Known issues:

  • Network connectivity failures in MinnowBoard Max (MBM) firmware version 0.93. (Fixed in firmware version 0.94.)
  • BluetoothLE devices may fail to fully connect
  • F5 driver deployment from Visual Studio does not work on IoT Core.
  • The power button is missing from Device Portal
  • Joule may become unstable after 30-60 minutes due to an issue with the graphics driver.

Recently, Microsoft also released Windows 10 Insider build 16193 for PC and Mobile build 10.0.15213.0 for Fast Ring members. Check updates to download Windows 10 IoT Core build 16193.


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