Windows 10 mobile build 15223 (10.0.15223.0) feature2 changelog

Windows 10 mobile build 15223 (10.0.15223.0) feature2 is now available for Fast Ring insider members. The new update brings minor change and improvements. The new build Last week, Windows Insider team released mobile build 15222 and PC build 16215.

What’s new in Windows 10 mobile build 15223.0

  • Fixed an issue where only the first VPN profile was being displayed in the VPN settings page via Settings > Network & wireless > VPN.
  • Fixed an issue where a meeting Time Zone was garbled in Chinese or Japanese.
  • Windows 10 mobile build 15223 (10.0.15223.0) changed “Phone Update” to “Windows Update” under Settings > Update & security.

Known issues for Mobile

  • In some cases, the WeChat app may crash on launch.

If you’re Windows Insider member, check your phone update and download Windows 10 mobile build 15223 (10.0.15223.0) feature2.