Windows Server 2016 is now available for Evaluations

Windows Server 2016 is available for evaluation. You can try Windows Server 2016 for 180 days. Microsoft also announced that volume licensing customers will be able to download fully licensed software at General Availability in mid-October. Check out complete feature list here.

This customer feedback inspired the design of Windows Server 2016. We call it the “cloud-ready OS” because it meets customers where they are today, and it introduces technology to ease the transition to cloud. It is a great server OS to run traditional applications and datacenter infrastructure, and at the same time it delivers an unprecedented amount of innovation to help customers transition workloads to a more secure, efficient and agile cloud model. It is a great place to land all your workloads, providing the flexibility to run them on-premises or in the cloud.

Download Windows Server 2016 180 days trial