rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161103-1900 build 1610.161031 rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161017-1900 rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161009-1900 rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160929-1900 Xbox One Preview update rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160923-1900

Microsoft is now seeding a new build for Xbox One Preview Program members. The latest Xbox One Preview update rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160929-1900 brings fixes and improvements for Sky TV, Now TV, HBO GO, Snap, Notifications & Transparent Tiles.

Fixed in Xbox One Preview update rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160929-1900

  • Resolved an issue which could prevent users from playing content in the following apps – Sky TV, Now TV, or HBO Go.
  • Resolved an issue which sometimes caused stuttering when playing a game with a snapped app.
  • When receiving voice messages from another user, you should now receive a notification.
  • Resolved an issue which caused description tiles for most recently used games and apps to appear solid instead of transparent.

Known Issue

  • When viewing Clubs, you may still see the option to start a Club Party even if you are not a Club member.