Xiaomi launches Mi Drones supporting 4K and full HD Videos. Xiaomi Mi Drone comes with a 360-degree 4K camera attached. Xiaomi Drones uses Mi smartphone as its viewfinder on the remote control. One of the key advantages of Xiaomi Drones is you can detach the camera module as well as all the rotors. Xiaomi Mi drones also feature a replaceable 5,100mAh battery.

Xiaomi 4K Mi Drone will retail at 2,999 yuan or $460. 1080P variant Xiaomi Drone will cost you 2,499 yuan or $380.

Xiaomi Said about Mi Drones:

“1080p Mi Drone will be crowdfunded on the Mi Home app starting 26 May 2016 and 4K Mi Drone will be available for testing via an open beta program at the end of July.”