Microsoft Zo AI chatbot is now available on Kik messenger. Zo is an English-variant of Microsoft’s Chinese chatbot Xiaoice. Zo is very good at normal conversations. Over 60% of people who use bots on Kik messenger are aged between 13-19, and roughly 40% of all US users of Kik messenger are either young adults or teens.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced Tay a new chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. But Microsoft’s Tay caused a lot of controversy with its inappropriate and racist comments. Microsoft pulled the chatbot quickly, along with taking the chatbot offline.

You can try chatbot by downloading Kik messenger on either iOS, Windows 10 Mobile or Android. Just search for the username “” to get started. Zo isn’t yet available on Twitter, but the app will likely come to Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat once it’s officially announced.

Download Zo.AI


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