Adobe XD beta for Windows 10 is now available

Adobe Experience Design (XD) beta app for Windows 10 is now available. Currently, the Adobe XD app for Windows 10 does not include all the features. Adobe is focusing on performance and reliability.

One feature that’s not supported yet is sharing designs through Creative Cloud. You’ll be able to export your files as PNG images, and “experience your prototype on either your desktop or through the XD mobile app”. The ability to share through CC will be coming in a future release.

According to Adobe:

The first release of XD for Windows includes core design and prototyping features and will be updated every month with additional features. Eventually, the core feature set across both Windows and Mac versions of Adobe XD will be consistent, with each version being optimized for performance and stability.

According to the company, Adobe XD is a UWP app, but right now it is not available at Windows Store and you have to download it from Adobe website. More details here.