AMD Ryzen Processors are underperforming because of Microsoft Windows Bug

AMD’s latest Ryzen processors are underperforming on Microsoft Windows because of bug. Now, Microsoft acknowledged the problem and assured that they are working on the fix.

According to reports, Windows 10 does not detect the AMD Ryzen Processors simulated SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) properly. Like Intel’s hyper-threading, each AMD Processor core gets an extra simulated thread(SMT). AMD processors without SMT could hinder the game performance.

Also, there is another bug in the OS where the diagnostic tools for the Windows 10 scheduler that distributes computing tasks across cores, estimates a processor with a 136 MB combined cache, where it is, in reality, is 20 MB for L2 and L3 caches.

Microsoft is expected to fix the scheduler and cache issues with the future updates. Windows 10 will receive next patch one March 14, 2017.