Apple macOS 10.13 High Sierra announced with new features

Today Apple has announced High Sierra as the latest version of macOS 10.13. The update will bring new features, interface tweaks, performance improvements, and more.

Apple macOS 10.13 High Sierra features


Safari is getting new features and improvements with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Safari in macOS High Sierra includes auto-play blocking for video advertisements, as well as intelligent tracking protection to better protect user browsing and history data.


In addition to Safari improvements, macOS High Sierra also bring implements to the Apple Mail app. For instance, the app now supports Top Hits search, making it easier to find emails during search. There’s also finally support for Split View Mail Compose, meaning you can have a split window pain between the compose interface and other applications.


Federighi touts that the biggest updates with High Sierra come with Photos. This includes a persistent sidebar, as well as a new dropdown for filtering content. There are also new editing tools, including interface tweaks for more advanced editing capabilities.

Finally, Photos includes faces syncing across all Appel devices.


Apple is also bringing its Apple Filesystem to macOS. The update includes advanced capabilities for the new filesystem by instantly duplicating a file. Apple Filesystem first made an appearance earlier this year with iOS 10.3.


macOS High Sierra also migrates the operating system to h.265 from h.264. This upgrade brings 40 percent higher compression without compromising quality, which means video files will be smaller in size and easier to manage.

Metal 2+ VR

High Sierra includes the new Metal 2 graphics engine, bringing 10x improvement over Metal 1 in graphics. High Sierra also includes spherical video support, VR engines from Unreal, and Metal integration with virtual reality. More on that later….


Apple macOS High Sierra will be available to developers later today and to the public later this fall.