ARK update 1.46 released on PS4 with optimizations – Patch Notes

ARK update 1.46 for the PS4 is now available for download. According to the official ARK 1.46 patch notes, the new ARK survival evolved 516.2 update includes changes and improvements to the game.

The latest update has added major memory improvements for the PS4 console, resulting in less out of memory issues. In addition, there are ground clutter optimizations with ARK 1.46 update. Read full ARK changelog below.

ARK version 1.46 PS4 Patch Notes

ARK update 1.46 Patch Notes

  • Big memory improvements, resulting in less out of memory issues
  • ARK 1.46 has added ground clutter optimizations.
  • Other improvements.
  • ARK version 1.46 also includes minor bug fixes.

Previously, update 1.45 was released with the localization bugs fixes. In addition, there were also in-game player list scrolling improvements. You can read full ARK Changelog here.

Update: After multiple delays, ARK PS4 update 1.46 is finally rolling out for players. This is quite a big update. The patch is around 11GB in size on PlayStation 4. Checking your game update and download latest ARK update 1.46 for PS4.