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Boneraiser Minions Version 32.5 Patch Notes – April 24, 2023

Boneraiser Minions update 32.5 is now available to download on PC, Ps4, PS5, and Xbox one. According to the official Boneraiser Minions patch notes, the latest update 32.5 addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update 32.5 added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Boneraiser Minions version 32.5 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Boneraiser Minions 32.5 Patch Notes – April 24, 2023

  • Updated the “translation_reference.csv” file.
  • A Class Meta Summary page has been added which briefly summarises that class’s important meta and shows how much has been unlocked. It can be accessed from the Status Screen, when choosing a Class, and in the Class Meta.
  • Compendium – Minion Boneways: You can now move through the various minion slots which have text telling what’s needed to raise them.
  • Crypt Hub: A ghosty tutorial now appears after unlocking Architect Mode (it just explains the basics of the mode).
  • Crypt Hub: A ghosty tutorial now appears after unlocking the Necrotic Skirmishes game mode (just explaining there’s different game modes to play).
  • Crypt Hub: The goblin which allows you to change your camp map now has some tutorial text when you first unlock him (just explaining what he does).
  • Architect Mode: You can now use the Inspector to move contraptions around (so you don’t have to sell then re-buy them).
  • Settings – General: A new ‘Muted Pickups’ option has been added which reduces the volume or mutes the sound of pickups (eg Bones).
  • Settings – Visibility: A new ‘VIP Minion Outline’ option has been added which adds an outline colour to important minions (eg Healers).
  • Settings – Visibility: A new ‘Ghostly Pickups’ option has been added which sets the transparency of common pickups (eg Bones).
  • Castle Conquest: If you just loaded a save file it will now say that your new scores won’t be submitted to the online leaderboard.
  • Enboned Giant meta: You now need level 3 to boneraise a Brozilla (its description has been updated).
  • Deprived Wretch – Chesty Friendos meta: The extra chance to be offered Chesty Bros has been greatly increased to 400% (from 50%).
  • Liche Necromancer – Minionous Mortis: Minions that save you now give the same amount of Healing no matter their level (previously higher level Skellies gave more). If you have more than 22 Skellies then the amount they Heal is now halved.
  • Rainswept Ruin map: The enemy collision mask at the top has been adjusted so it’s easier for enemies to reach you in the little corners.
  • Tiny Egg relic: The Eggy Bro boneraise chance boost has been increased to 50% per level (from 25%). It’s max cap has also increased to 5 (from 4).
  • Meldum Serum relic: It will now no longer be offered if you’ve currently reached the Meldus minion cap. It’s max cap has also been increased to 9 (from 3).
  • Bernard’s Watch relic: In Necrotic Skirmishes the invincibility frames have been reduced at level 2 by -0.25 seconds, and -0.5 seconds at level 3.
  • The tree roots created by Dryads and Elden Trees now use the Enemy Projectile outline.
  • The sound effect volume when picking up gems has been reduced a bit.

//bug fixes

  • Boneraise Lore – Boned Burrows meta: If at Level 3 there was a rare chance of the game crashing when starting a new run.
  • Compendium – Minion Boneways: The Brozilla didn’t have a Hero Soul icon.
  • Castle Conquest: The Custodian Errant stage event wouldn’t spawn Custodians if the stage was below 4.
  • Liche Escapade achievement: It wasn’t counting Unholy Monk skellies.
  • Psycho Possessed class: When possessing a new class you could have unused spells with empty spells above it (since his max spell slots change based on the possessed class).
  • Boneworm Brainiac class: The Morgzoloth minion’s laser origin wasn’t centered on you.
  • Sprout Brotatoes – Funky Growths meta: It wasn’t applying it’s boneraise chance boost to Chupacabro, Eggy, and Chesty Bros.
  • Manic Mime minion: His mime ability wasn’t conforming with the Ghostly Minions setting.
  • Funky Turnip relic: It wasn’t applying it’s boneraise chance boost to Chupacabro, Eggy, and Chesty Bros.
  • Barrow Bonebolster spell: This spell wasn’t working on Doll Maker Fighters that were beyond level 3.
  • Bone Bird meanies: They would form a nice orderly queue if they spawned whilst you were a Snowman.
  • When the Blacksmithy or Soul Dealer pop ups at the start of a new stage there was a chance it wouldn’t pause the new stage music.

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