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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 32 – How to fix?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a renowned multiplayer action-adventure game, is enjoyed by millions worldwide. Despite its popularity, players often face various errors, including the notorious Error Code 32. This error can stem from diverse causes like game lags, internet connection issues, or more complex system-related problems​.

Causes of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 32

The root causes for Error Code 32 can vary. They include connection and server issues, installation problems, game crashes, slow download speeds, DLC errors, and more. Each of these errors stems from distinct sources and requires specific approaches for resolution​​​​​.

Troubleshooting Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 32: November 18, 2023

Resolving Error Code 32 involves a series of steps:

  1. Connection Error Fixes:
    • Running a speed test on your gaming console or PC.
    • Restarting your WiFi router or connecting with a network cable​.
  2. Server Error Solutions:
    • Tracking the availability of game servers online on the Activision Support page​.
  3. Installation Error Prevention:
    • Ensuring your device meets the game’s system requirements.
    • Confirming sufficient free disk space for the game​.
  4. Addressing Crash and Freeze Issues:
    • Restarting the game or your gaming console.
    • Deleting old game data and checking the game on another gaming console​.
  5. Slow Download Issues:
    • Pausing and restarting the game download.
    • Using a wired connection for better stability​.
  6. DLC Error Management:
    • Restarting the download if purchased in-game.
    • Clearing cache data from your gaming console​​.
  7. Rubber Banding and Stuttering Issues:
    • Playing the game on a wired connection and avoiding video streaming​.
  8. Code Error Resolution:
    • Contacting PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam Support for assistance with non-working codes​.
  9. PC-Specific Issues and Fixes:
    • Addressing stuttering, rubber banding, and unresponsive mouse issues.
    • Solving multiplayer and invite issues​.
  10. Stats Issue Guidelines:
  • Playing public matches over wired connections.
  • Avoiding shared connections and completing public matches​.
  1. Fix for Unable to Start MP Match Error:
  • Closing background applications and disabling antivirus programs temporarily​.
  1. FPS Issue Resolutions:
  • Adjusting NVIDIA Control Panel settings for Nvidia GPU users.
  • Setting high priority for the game in Task Manager and lowering game textures​.

Prevention of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 32 Preventing Error Code 32 involves maintaining a stable internet connection, ensuring that your gaming system meets the required specifications, and regularly updating your game and system software.

Tips for Fixing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 32 Consistent troubleshooting, maintaining updated hardware and software, and staying informed about common errors and their solutions are key to avoiding and resolving Error Code 32.

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