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Dauntless Update 1.2.1 (Springtide event hunt) Changelog

Dauntless version 1.2.1 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Dauntless update 1.2.1 changelog, the latest update comes with Springtide event and a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, the Dauntless patch 1.2.1 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, an update was released with new features, bug fixes, tweaks and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players still are experiencing a number of issues while playing the game online. Today’s Dauntless version 1.2.1 update is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

Dauntless update 1.2.1 changelog


Springtide is here, and the Shattered Isles are filled with pufflehops! Collect eggs and protect our furry friends in a new kind of hunt. To get started, talk to Bosun Markus.

Team up with friends to play through three rounds of challenges, earning carrot chips based on your performance.

Round 1: Hunt for eggs around the island.
Round 2: Herd pufflehops into their pen.
Round 3: Fend off the styxian attack!

You can also earn 50 carrot chips by completing any other type of hunt. Carrot chips can be spent in the Springtide shop to get unique cosmetics, emotes and more!


  • Added a Mastery card for the Firestorm Prism (Charogg repeater part).
  • The default action for the radial menu in a hunt is now set to the flare.
  • Improved the appearance of water on islands, as well certain patches of grass and ledges.
  • Escalation now grants additional Hunt Pass XP. Escalation 1-13 now grants 15XP (up from 10) and 10-50 now grants 25XP (up from 15).

BUG FIXES in Dauntless 1.2.1


  • Torgadoros should no longer get stuck on their perch – for real this time!
  • Volcanic turrets no longer fire through the walls of Riftstalker’s murder palace.
  • Falling off the map during the Blaze Escalation cinematic no longer locks your fps to 30 on PC.
  • Escalation boost UI now hides correctly in the airship if the boost has already been purchased.
  • Dauntless version 1.2.1 improved UI clarity on purchasing of Escalation boosts.
  • Escalation patrol chest bonuses are now granted properly.


  • Torgadoro stamina buffs no longer pause your stamina regen when using stamina-consuming attacks.
  • Moonreaver Shrikes no longer randomly loop feathery sound effects.
  • Kharabak faces will no longer clip into the ground during personality animations.
  • Gnashers can no longer push the players through the ground and out of the map.


  • Using Twin Suns dash into Skarn’s whirlwind attack no longer shoots the player into the sky.
  • Reckless leap can now be used to jump Kharabak projectiles.
  • Gaining and then losing a buff (e.g. most lantern taps, many tonics) no longer causes the effects of Reactive Hilt to stop working.
  • The Godhand no longer fires its laser into space when used right before being hit.
  • Dauntless 1.2.1 fixed a bug that caused Hellion weapon unique effects to deal +250 damage at all ranks, instead of 75/150/225.
  • Shrike weapon particle effects no longer remain on screen after the proc has gone off.
  • Shrike weapon unique effects now stack the correct amount of bonus damage.
  • Stormclaw weapon unique effects now trigger correctly when dodging through Behemoth attacks.
  • The Boreus war pike’s unique effect no longer generates sprites indefinitely.


  • Hiding your helm while using the Visage of the Blade Hawk skin no longer makes your face invisible.
  • When equipping and hiding the Visage of the Blade Hawk helm, VFX will no longer appear on the eyes.


  • Dauntless update 1.2.1 fixed a bug that prevented dodging through magma balls.
  • Fixed a bug where successfully dodging through splitting lava would still cause you to take damage.
  • Dauntless patch 1.2.1 fixed a bug that prevented certain projectile damage events from scaling with percent damage modifiers.
  • If sprint and reload are mapped to the same button, pressing it while the repeaters are sheathed no longer draws and reloads instead of sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mapping sprint and shoot to the same controller button unless it was the right trigger.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the return to Ramsgate animation sequence to not play music and sound effects if the window was not in focus when the cutscene started.
  • Dauntless version 1.2.1 fixed a bug where at maximum FOV, the ground could disappear in certain places.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC lights to create a backlit glow on the player’s hair.
  • The Scarred Master’s blue glow no longer appears and disappears as you move your camera.


  • The mouse cursor is no longer able to click-drag resize or move the window while in combat using windowed mode.
  • The mouse cursor can no longer escape the game window while using fullscreen mode with dual monitors.
  • The mouse cursor is no longer offset to the button hitboxes in menus while in fullscreen mode in 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Dauntless 1.2.1 fixed the cropping of the Torgadoro icon in the Mastery UI.
  • Placeholder text and prices are no longer visible on the Elite Hunt Pass store page if it is slow to load.
  • The button icon to open the chat window is no longer stretched or squashed on Nintendo Switch.
  • The Escalation buff icon no longer obscures player titles in the airship.
  • The Message of the Day leading to the Elite Hunt Pass now correctly loads descriptions and prices.
  • If a controller is disconnected while loading onto the ship, the prompt no longer has two OK buttons.
  • Button prompts in the Vault no longer overlap with nearby text.
  • The HUD in the city now shows notifications for acquiring Vault items.
  • The “Bounties Available” tip now clears immediately after adding new bounties.
  • Breaking a +1 cell down to aetherdust at the Middleman no longer returns you to the top of the list.
  • Middleman cell store timers can no longer show negative numbers.
  • Equipping gear through the crafting screen now clears new equipment breadcrumbs on the Loadout screen.
  • Hunt Pass XP reward no longer shows on the End of Hunt screen if the hunt was failed.
  • Firestorm Prism in repeater crafting is now correctly shown as a pyramid.
  • Dauntless version 1.2.1 fixed a bug that caused UI text to flash different sizes when starting a pursuit for a neutral Behemoth if the language is set to Italian.


  • The “King of the Hill” quest now shows the correct current power in the power level objective.


  • Dauntless 1.2.1 fixed a bug in the tutorial that caused a burning building to float above the ground.
  • The “Logging Out” emote log now correctly falls to the ground instead of hovering in the air.
  • The “Take a Seat” emote now aligns properly for feminine character models.
  • Daily Login cores now grant the correct amount of rams.
  • Dauntless patch 1.2.1 fixed an issue caused the Escalation boost purchase prompt to appear to players who already have a boost active.
  • Fixed a rare server disconnect that could occur in Escalation.
  • Dynamic camera zoom has been disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shrowd tails from being damaged after becoming enraged.
  • Repeater crosshairs now correctly hide when using the legendary ability of the Torgadoro repeater barrel.
  • Dauntless version 1.2.1 fixed clipping issues on The Hunt Pass armour skins.
  • The Vault no longer hides items you already own, and instead displays them as owned.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Torgadoro’s Brawn to remain in your inventory if you reset your character.
  • The 5000 Platinum pack is purchasable again on Xbox One.
  • Fixed an issue with the map boundary at Trials leaderboards.
  • Fixed a bug where completing normal difficulty trials would cause the UI to show you had claimed Dauntless difficulty rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain UI text not to display if the language was set to Japanese.
  • Dauntless 1.2.1 fixed a bug that caused subtitles and tutorials to display in english when playing in other languages.
  • Significant improvements to localization for non-english languages.
  • Dauntless version 1.2.1 fixed an issue where players on Nintendo Switch with modified system clocks could not see time limited offers in the store.
  • Improved loading times on Nintendo Switch.
  • Dauntless patch 1.2.1 fixed a rare crash when playing videos on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a rare crash while viewing particle effects on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a rare UI crash on Xbox One.

Dauntless update 1.2.1 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

Game Patch Notes

Fifa 20 Version 1.19 Patch Notes (Update 15)

Fifa 20 version 1.19 (Update 15) for PS4, PC and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Fifa 20 version 1.19 patch notes, the new hotfix added minor bug fixes. Apart from this, Fifa 20 version 1.19 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big title update was released which various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Fifa 20 patch 1.19 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Fifa 20 Version 1.19 patch notes (Update 15)

  • Addressed a stability issue in FIFA Ultimate Team related to an AI Teammate interfering with the ball’s trajectory, resulting in a goal.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

Fifa 20 patch 1.19 is now available for download.

Game Patch Notes

Fortnite Version 1.42 Patch Notes, New Crossbow, New Skins and More

Fortnite version 1.42 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Fortnite 1.42 patch notes, the new version brings Valentine’s Day themed skins and a new Crossbow in Battle Royale. In addition, Fortnite update 1.42 also includes various bug fixes and game improvements. Check out more details below.

Fortnite Version 1.42 Patch Notes

New Skins

  • Added new Valentine’s Day themed skins for Battle Royale players.
Fortnite Version 1.42 Patch Notes
Fortnite Version 1.42 Patch Notes


  • Added the Crossbow weapon to Battle Royale.
Fortnite 1.42 Patch Notes
Fortnite 1.42 Patch Notes

Battle Royale Changes in Fortnite 1.42


  • The Shooting Test #1 Limited-Time Mode has been switched to Solo only.
    • Known Issue: The Shooting Test does not save progression for stats or challenges.
  • With Fortnite version 1.42 update, Shotgun headshot damage increased to 200%.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle is now 100% accurate when zoomed in.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle no longer has damage fall-off.

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer slide off rooftops.
  • Fortnite version 1.42 has added a fix for an issue where Item Shop panels disappearing after completing a V-buck purchase through the Store Tab.
  • Added a fix for collision inconsistencies in certain basement corners.
  • Fortnite Update 1.42 addressed a hole in the terrain south of Retail Row.


Fortnite 1.42 has added a New Crossbow Weapons

  • This weapon fires Arrows, which are an unlimited ammo type.
  • Found from floor loot and treasure chests.
  • This weapon comes in both Rare and Epic variants.

Save the World Changes in Fortnite update 1.42

Save the World players will receive new Quests, events, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more next week.


  • Known Issue: Chests have low-resolution graphics on the results screen

Bug Fixes

  • With Fortnite 1.42 patch, Trophies will now properly be awarded to PS4 players

Check your game update and download latest the latest Fortnite version 1.42 update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Game Patch Notes

Minecraft Update 1.66 for PS4 and PS3 – Read full Patch Notes

Minecraft update 1.66 for PS4 and PS3 is now available for download. According to the official changelog, the new Minecraft PS4 1.66 update rolling out with a new Moana Character Pack. In addition, Minecraft 1.66 update also includes various bug fix and improvement. A bug where Tamed Horses with no items equipped despawns after a Player leaves the area is now fixed. Check out full details below.

New in Minecraft 1.66 PS4 Update Patch Notes

  • Added Moana Character Pack.
Minecraft update 1.66 for PS4 and PS3
Minecraft update 1.66 for PS4 and PS3

Fixed in Minecraft PS4 update 1.66

  • Minecraft 1.66 for PS4 fixed MCCE-6589: Pistons of both types can’t move Cauldrons.
  • Addressed MCCE-6531: Placing a bed next to a cactus crashes the game.
  • Fixed MCCE-6376: Observer Blocks don’t detect some changes, like other powered Observers.
  • Fixed MCCE-6465: Unable to place vines under torches.
  • Minecraft PS4 1.66 addressed a bug where Animals are not running away when hit on Peaceful Difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where Tamed Horses with no items equipped despawn after a Player leaves the area.
  • Change to explosions so that TNT cannons in Mashup worlds work as they used to.
  • Minecraft version 1.66 update fixed a bug where Rails and Torches couldn’t be placed on Glowstone, Sea Lanterns, Glass, or Ice.
  • Addressed a bug where Flowerpots, Doors, and Pumpkins couldn’t be placed on Glass.
  • Fixed a bug where Redstone, Levers, and Buttons couldn’t be placed on Pistons.
  • Minecraft 1.66 patch has addressed a bug that would allow players to Open Shulker Boxes while ‘Trust Players’ and ‘Can Open Containers’ options are disabled.
Minecraft PS4 1.66 update
Minecraft PS4 1.66 update

Check your game update and download latest Minecraft update 1.66 on PS4 and PS3. This update is also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Game Patch Notes

Battlefield 1 1.18 Update Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Battlefield 1 Update 1.18 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new Battlefield 1 1.18 update includes Turning Tides – North Sea DLC and Base Game Update. The North Sea content will be limited to Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 Revolution owners for their 2-week Early Access. In addition, the base game update includes various bug fixes and game improvements. Check out the patch preview below.

What’s New in Battlefield 1 1.18 Update Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


The second wave of Battlefield 1 Turning Tides is here! Fight alongside the formidable German fleet or test your mettle among the British Royal Marines in dramatic naval clashes. Opposing armadas struggle to gain the upper hand to exhibit supremacy over the high seas.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides – North Sea is bringing new maps, the fearsome C-Class Airship, and continued improvements to Battlefield 1. We hope you enjoy taking command of the sea, air, and land in the battles that turned the tides of war. Available to Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners* and owners of Battlefield 1 Turning Tides.

Battlefield 1 update 1.18
Battlefield 1 update 1.18


This is Battlefield 1’s quintessential naval map. With its immense scale and focus on vehicular combat, it’s ideal for Conquest Assault, the only game mode available on this map.

This is the first naval battle of the Great War, where the British Royal Marines commenced a surprise attack against the German navy. Attackers speed to the red cliffs and rocky shores to gain ground, where infantry can use large rocks and dunes as cover from battleship shelling. Control Bunker Beach and you’ll have access to a battery cannon to defend against the onslaught. Take cover behind the rocky wave breaker wall to safely engage the enemy beyond the sinking cruiser, as they take a foothold on the nearby Düne island. Finally, assert your dominance in the first ever Battlefield 1 Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought battle


Under the veil of night, British troops reinforce the treacherous raid on the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge. Join the concentrated battle as the British Royal Marines wrestle to possess the German controlled, concrete mole. Advance past the war-torn breach toward the heavily guarded submarine pen. Utilize the dock openings to gain access and overcome the enemy. Torpedo boats, planes, L-Class Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, and the menacing C-Class Airship battle for control around the port. Be mindful, as infantry soldiers fight back with the anti-aircraft guns placed along the coastal wall and battery cannons that are lining the nearby beach at the base of the mole.


The all-new C-Class Airship is equipped with 4 seats and 2 package loadouts. Pilots can deliver an immense payload of artillery and bombs, as they navigate the skies. Front gunners are equipped with a 76mm cannon, while rear gunners provide support with a 20mm Autocannon. Top gunners offer anti-aircraft protection with a mounted AA gun on the top of the vessel. Like tanks and the new L-Class Destroyer, pilots can self-repair the C-Class Airship to maintain dominance in the sky.


Don the characteristic blue uniforms of the British Empire’s elite naval troops, the admirable Royal Marines.


With the addition of new weapons from each expansion pack and the growing community of skilled players, we found it necessary to rebalance the weapons to increase the pacing of combat and balance the loadout options among and between the various classes in Battlefield 1.

These changes are far-reaching, across the breadth of Battlefield 1 weapons, which may be difficult to feel when trying them out for the first time.  There are a lot of changes, which may not be noticeable immediately and may only become more apparent with time.  Players should find a faster time-to-kill (TTK), be more capable in out-numbered scenarios, and find greater distinction between different weapons and weapon types.

The following summaries detail how these changes will alter the encounters at the ideal engagement ranges:

Assault vs Medic

  • Medic remains superior at any distance outside of very close range
  • The overall decrease in TTK at close range for Assault weapons should ensure their superiority at ideal engagement range


  • The biggest difference here is that Support weapons will be slower to get on target at close range, pushing the engagement slightly more in favor of the Assault than it already was
  • At longer distances the Support LMGs remain far superior to the Assault SMGs and shotguns


  • These encounters remain mostly unchanged
  • These classes are opposite extremes; the winner of the engagement will usually come down to range

Medic vs Support

  • The main change here is in how the Medic approaches an LMG. Previously the SLRs were like LMGs in terms of raw TTK, meaning it was often possible to outshoot one head to head. With the changes this is more dangerous, as the LMG will be more likely to kill the Medic before he can reach cover to heal
  • LMG accuracy at close range is weaker than before however, plus Medic rifles have improved range, leaving the medic with several options of approach – take potshots at the Support from longer distances, or attack from unexpected angles to exploit the LMG weakness when not already in ADS or on a bipod


  • Medics are slightly more accurate at longer distances and are therefore an increased threat to Scouts than previously
  • Otherwise these encounters remain unchanged

Support vs Scout

  • Support is slightly more dangerous at long range than before. There is therefore increased pressure on the Scout to score a one hit kill from an unexpected location before the Support can return fire
  • Otherwise these encounters remain unchanged

With regards to weapon family specific changes, you will see an overall reduction in the number of bullets required to kill a target at a weapons ideal engagement range, along with some general improvements to their handling:


  • Shotguns remain the strongest close-range weapon with generally very poor ranged performance (except for the “Slug” variants)
  • They have suffered from inconsistency due to how shotgun pellets work, which we’ve improved by reducing how much randomness plays a part in the shotgun dispersion.  All shotguns now fire 12 pellets.  The dispersion is now broken down into 12 sectors, 6 in an inner circle and 6 in an outer ring.  Each sector will contain 1 pellet.  This ensures that all 12 pellets are more evenly spread over the dispersion cone, and prevents all the pellets from bunching up in one area, which could cause lucky one hit kills at longer distances, or inversely result in a complete miss.

Sub Machine Guns – SMGs

  • SMGs remain very strong close-range weapons, second only to Shotguns
  • High bullet damage drop-off and large spread make them ineffective at longer distances than all other weapons, with the exception of Shotguns
  • The variance in raw TTK of the SMGs has been reduced, reducing the benefit of that advantage on specific SMGs (such as the Hellriegel and Automatico) and increasing the options available to Assault players

Light Machine Guns – LMGs

  • LMGs offer the most firepower, but at the cost of handling and mobility
  • The strongest weapon at medium range when ready for a fight
  • If caught off guard however their poor hip-fire and high spread mechanics put them at a disadvantage

Self-Loading Rifles – SLRs

  • The most flexible weapon
  • Slightly weaker in terms of TTK than most other weapons but with advantages over all others in some area
    • Much better ranged performance than SMGs and shotguns
    • Better handling and can get on target accurately faster than LMGs
    • More effective at closer ranges than bolt actions

Bolt Actions

  • Bolt actions offer one hit kills at longer ranges
  • They have very low fire rates however which makes them very weak up close
  • These are the least changed weapon type
Battlefield 1 version 1.18
Battlefield 1 version 1.18

Other Changes in Battlefield 1 Update 1.18 Patch Notes


  • Vehicle damage performed by K Bullets fired from the Martini-Henry sniper rifle are now properly tracked for the Overwatch Service Assignment.
  • Reduced the requirements of the Ribbon of Justice from 5 kills in a round to 2.


  • The player outlines now comply with the colorblind settings.
  • Battlefield 1 update 1.18 added custom colorblind color settings in the video options.
  • Players can customize the size and opacity of world icons in the gameplay options.
  • Hit indicators can be customized with different colors for critical hit kills.
  • Detailed mini-map/full map customization is now in the gameplay options.
  • Vehicle spawn logic has been changed to allow players to select the spawn point even if a vehicle is not available, which will allow players the opportunity to customize vehicles at the deploy screen more often.


Numerous weapon balance tweaks. Here’s a short list of some noteworthy changes among many more:

  • Slightly tweaked the damage models for several Medic rifles:
    • Farquhar-Hill damage drop off started at 34 but now is 46.33 meters.
    • Farquhar-Hill damage drop off ended at 52 but now is 59 meters.
    • M1907 SL damage drop off ended at 55.6 but now is 60 meters.
    • Autoloading 8.25 damage drop off started at 19.5 but now is 16 meters.
    • Autoloading 8.25 damage drop off ended at 40 but now is 45 meters.
    • RSC 1917 vertical recoil has been adjusted from 1.8 to 1.5 degrees.
    • RSC 1917 horizontal recoil has been adjusted from 2.2 to 1.8 degrees.
    • RSC 1917 rate of fire has been adjusted from 163 to 179.9 bullets per minute.
    • Increased the 3-hit kill range of the Cei-Rigotti by 10 meters.

Continued to tune automatic weapons:

  • Adjusted the spread for LMGs.
  • LMGs now have slower zoom-in speeds to further differentiate them from SMGs
  • LMGs and SMGs now have slightly increased vertical recoil.
  • The vertical recoil bonus on the Storm variants for SMGs and LMGs have been reduced slightly.
  • The SMG 08/18 Optical’s first shot spread multiplier has been reduced.
  • LMG bipods will now remove spread increase while firing entirely when mounted with a lower reduction in horizontal recoil.
    • Overall this change makes heavy MGs with high first shot spread multipliers benefit slightly more from the bipod, while high fire rate LMGs with high horizontal recoil will receive less benefit.
  • Increased the 2-hit kill range of the Russian 1895 Trench from 47 to 70 meters.
  • Increased one hit kill headshot range of the Russian 1895 Trench from 41 to 64 meters.
  • Cavalry Russian 1895 2-hit kill range has increased to 90 meters.
  • Cavalry Russian 1895 one hit kill headshot range increased to 84 meters.
    • Fixed an issue where the Infiltrator Elite flare would brighten the entire level for the opposing team.
    • The K Bullet system, and the damage dealt, was refined for the M91 and Carcano.
    • Fixed an issue where occasionally empty shells would not eject from the Carcano.
    • Fixed an incorrect recoil decrease for the Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16.
    • Battlefield 1 version 1.18 fixed a lower than intended recoil decrease on the Arisaka.
    • Fixed an incorrect recoil decrease for the M1917 Trench Carbine.
    • Fixed the accuracy of the M1917 Trench Carbine when crouching, moving, and shooting from the hip.
    • Reload timers were fixed for the M1917 LMG by removing the artificial delay on the short reload.
    • Battlefield 1 1.18 fixed an issue with the AA sights on the M1917 MG where the rear sight wasn’t properly attached to the feed tray cover.
    • Improved alignment of the iron sights of the FA Automatic.
    • Fixed an issue causing shotgun damage and audio to be spread across multiple frames.
    • Reduced the inner blast radius of the Martini- Henry grenade launcher, on the Infiltrator Elite Class, from 2 to 1 meter.
    • Battlefield 1 update 1.18 fixed a bug where the Martini-Henry grenade launcher did not use its arm time, resulting in higher than intended damage.
    • Reduced the ammunition count of the Martini-Henry grenade launcher from 21 to 11.
    • Battlefield 1.18 reduced the reload threshold for the Martini-Henry grenade launcher.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the Bristol Attack plane and Ilya Muromets Heavy Bomber to utilize weapons from multiple packages.
    • Battlefield 1 1.18 update increased the mine removal radius for the A7V Heavy Tank.
    • Greatly improved the reliability of the AA guns when firing against bombers from certain angles.
    • AT Rocket Gun, and similar weapons, can now be fired from the passenger seat of vehicles.
    • Infantry placed mines (AT and Tripwire) have been adjusted so players can no longer stack them close together.  To compensate for this, the power of each mine has increased:
    • AT Mine damage has increased by 50%.
    • AT Mine radius has been adjusted to 2 meters.
    • Tripwire Mine – HE deals twice as much damage to sprinting players.
    • Tripwire Mine – Gas has a small 15 damage explosion when tripped – dealing damage to player who may already be wearing a gas mask.  This damage is doubled for sprinting players.
Battlefield Update 1.18 Patch Notes
Battlefield Update 1.18 Patch Notes


      • Battlefield 1 version 1.18 removed all Elite Classes from War Pigeons mode.
      • Fixed an issue where several weapons were causing unwanted dips in ambient SFX volume in certain parts of Cape Helles.
      • Battlefield 1 update 1.18 increased visibility of boat wakes.
      • Fixed an issue that would allow Defenders to spawn airplanes in the third sector of Cape Helles, in Operation Gallipoli.
      • The Ottomans now use the Gotha Bomber on Cape Helles
      • Fixed an issue where the medic primary weapons were not available in the Custom Game: Armored Kill.
      • Adjusted the combat zones in Cape Helles on both Operations and Rush game modes, allowing more pathing and fewer places to camp.
      • Moved the Ottoman plane and torpedo boat spawns in Cape Helles.
      • Adjusted the British boat spawns in Cape Helles.
      • Moved the Defenders spawns in the first sector of Rush on Cape Helles.
      • Battlefield 1 version 1.18 adjusted some problematic spawns in Conquest on Achi Baba, to avoid spawning in high traffic areas.
      • Fixed squad spawning on the final objective of Rush on Lupkow Pass.


      • Fixed some bugs related to players being disconnected while connecting to a game server.


      • Added an RSP option that allows removal of the delay that spectators experience so that things are witnessed as close to real time as possible.
      • Battlefield 1 1.18 added a toggle to turn off/on the pre-round minimum of 6 players.
      • Increased the ban list size to 200 (from 100).
      • Increased the VIP list size to 50 (from 20).
      • Battlefield 1 update 1.18 increased the admin list size to 50 (from 20).


      • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to use some Pistol Carbines while swimming.
      • Improved inconsistent slowdown on steep hills. It now occurs on movement direction, instead of the direction you’re facing.
      • Slowdown will occur when climbing diagonally, as well as directly up/down a hill.
      • Corrected slowdown when climbing up hills backwards.

General Fixes in Battlefield 1 version 1.18

    • The game will no longer expose interlaced video modes in the PC video options. If you have previously experienced blurry output on PC due to the game running in a full screen interlaced mode, please re-select a mode in video options to update your profile settings to use a progressive display mode.
    • Fixed a bug where certain VFX would trigger when colliding with invisible geometry.
    • Battlefield 1 version 1.18 fixed an issue with VOIP volume option not behaving as intended.
    • Fixed a bug where spectators would be kicked from the game if the last player left.
    • Removed some of the female Russian Scout spotting lines that mentioned German soldiers and vehicles.
    • Fixed an issue where Russian self-voice says “tank” when spotting a Scout soldier.
    • Battlefield 1 update 1.18 addressed an issue where players occasionally encountered a loading loop the first time they tried to launch a Single Player level after playing through the Prologue.

Check your game update and download the latest Battlefield 1 1.18 update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Game Patch Notes

Dead by Daylight update for PS4 and Xbox One Changelog

Dead By Daylight update patch notes are now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Recently, Dead By Daylight patch was released with The SAW DLC which includes a New Killer (The Pig), a new Survivor (David Tapp) and a new Map (Gideon Meat Plant). In addition, Dead By Daylight update also includes various bug fixes and game improvements.

Dead by Daylight Update Patch Notes


  • Content – Removed the Winter Event gift box skin and replaced with the Mystery Box
  • Content – Removed the Winter accessories and themed skins from the lobbies and in game
  • Content – Removed the Winter themed lobby and menu music
  • Content – Removed the possibility for the “Winter Party Starter” firecracker item to spawn in chests and in the Bloodweb
  • Feature – Added a “Secondary Power” keybinding to the Killer Controls. Hag players can now rebind the Teleport button, which should now prevent accidental teleports when using the Mint Rag add-on.


BloodWeb Changes

  • Changed the half price cost of the Mystery Box back to the original values
  • Readjusted drop rates of items from level 25 to 50
  • The mystery boxes appearance rate is back at what it was prior to the Winter Event.

Design Changes

  • Blindness status effect now blocks auras of hooked and downed survivors. (This includes Hex: The Third Seal and Huntress Add-ons)
  • NURSE: After blinking, the Nurse used to have a special attack with different speed values and detection zones. This has been removed. The Nurse will now have a regular lunge after blinking.
  • NURSE: Duration of the blink now depends on the how long the player charged the blink for, rather than the distance traveled during the blink. The time required to fully charge a blink (2 seconds), the maximum distance traveled (20 meters) and the time required to cover that distance (1.5 seconds) remain unchanged.
  • NURSE: Lunge speed has been adjusted: She will now accelerate to a maximum speed of 6.9 m/s during the lunge, like other killers. Previously, her regular (non-blink) attack was slower than other killers due to her reduced movement speed.
  • NURSE: Reappearance time is now much shorter and should be occurring as she blinks, this should remove the feeling that her collision is in place before she is visible, and allow for visual feedback in order to play against The Nurse.
  • NURSE: We’ve updated how much time it takes to blink and linked this timing to how long The Nurse Blinks. Due to the Blink mechanic improvement, Nurse’s are now able to short blink instead of being forced to blink in relation to how long they have charged. Coupling the charge time for how long the nurse will take to displace herself will allows for survivors to always have a similar visual queue and timing to give them time to try and dodge The Nurse.
  • NURSE: We’ve updated how we calculate where the Nurse Blinks, this change allows the Nurse to blink upwards and downwards with more accuracy. This change has also enabled the Nurse to vary how far she Blinks, allowing her to blink closer when previously she would have committed to the distance she had charged. This will significantly improve the Nurse’s ability to Blink. The following points will address the additional balance changes that should counterbalance the improved Blink.
  • SCRATCH MARKS: We’ve adjusted how Scratch Marks are displayed, they should no longer be; showing up on a floor above a survivor and showing up on walls that are opposite of a survivor running. They will still show up under floors when a survivor is running above it.
  • Save The Best for Last’s text and functionality has been updated. The successful attack cooldown will not be lost when changing targets during a chase and will continue to be active as long as a chase is held for more than 20 seconds.

Map Changes

  • Added logic that limits the number of generic pallets that can spawn inside the Badham Preschool map to 3. Made the outside pallets procedural.
  • Changed the minimum and a maximum number of procedural pallets that can spawn. Global Change.
  • Fixed an exploit on the harvester object in the farm theme.
  • Implemented a new pallet management system that allows us to tweak the minimum and a maximum number of procedural pallets that can spawn per map.
  • Increased the minimum spawning distance between procedural pallets from 8m to 10m. Global Change.
  • Reduced the number of pallets that can spawn on the edges of the Backwater Swamp maps.

Bug Fixes

  • Added “Personal” to the Chalk Pouch, Cream Chalk Pouch and Ivory Chalk Pouch offering descriptions in all languages except Portuguese, Polish, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • Added “Personal” to the Escape! Cake and Survivor Pudding Anniversary offerings descriptions in all languages except Portuguese, Polish, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • Changed the name of Jake’s Old Man head customization from the Head Case DLC pack to Old Man Jake
  • Fixed a missing word in one of the survivors loading screen tooltips
  • Fixed a typo in the Doctor’s “Obedience” – Carter’s Notes add-on that referred to Shake it off instead of Snap Out Of It
  • Fixed a typo in the Survivors’ Health State section of the Killers Help & Tutorials Guide
  • Dead By Daylight patch 1.25 fixed a visual desync between host and client that could cause The Nurse to become invisible after a double blink or Memento Mori
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get on top of one of the piers in The Pale Rose
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Killer movement when a survivor was crouched in front of the hay bale on the combine harvester in Coldwind Farm maps
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect audio to play when The Shape killed a survivor
  • Fixed an issue that caused perk bonuses to appear as Offering bonuses on the tally screen. English only.
  • Dead By Daylight version 1.25 addressed an issue that caused the Cursed status effect and debuff icon not to appear when Hex: Ruin or Hex: Huntress Lullaby were triggered
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nightmare’s eyes to appear translucent in game
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Upgrade button to erroneously disappear from the tally screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aura of a Survivor opening an exit gate to show at the improper range when using the Wake-Up! perk
  • Fixed an issue that caused the equipped perks in the Loadout to reset when switching roles in a Kill Your Friends
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an invisible survivor pawn to appear in a match when that survivor disconnected during loading
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the points on the scoreboard to be inconsistent between host and clients
  • Dead By Daylight update 1.25 addressed an issue that made it impossible to search a chest in Mother’s Dwelling
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to track the hatch or bear traps via the Rainbow Map item or the Black Silk Cord/Red Rope map add-ons
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for the Engineer’s Toolbox to sabotage
  • Fixed an issue that visually caused add-ons from a previously equipped item to remain when switching items in the Loadout
  • Dead By Daylight 1.25 addressed an issue where Killers were not awarded bonus Bloodpoints with the perk Hex: Thrill of the Hunt equipped
  • Fixed an issue where clients had the Kill Your Friends Loadout if they left the private match
  • Fixed an issue with The Nurse’s Plaid Flannel add-on that caused it to indicate the wrong position for the blink. It should now accurately display the target location for the blink.
  • Fixed an issue with The Nurse’s Plaid Flannel add-on that caused the blink indicator to display the shading used for being behind an object at all times. It will now properly display with light shading when unobstructed, and dark shading when behind an object. This should make it clearer where the blink will land.
  • Dead By Daylight version 1.25 addressed multiple issues that blocked player movement when a survivor was on specific hooks in Treatment Theatre
  • Fixed multiple typos in various Daily Rituals
  • Fixed various impassable gaps in the Badham Preschool map
  • Dead By Daylight update 1.25 fixed various impassable gaps in the Coldwind Farm maps
  • Fixed various impassable gaps in the Disturbed Ward map
  • Fixed various impassable gaps in the MacMillan Estate maps
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that could occasionally cause no outdoor hooks to spawn in the MacMillan Estate maps #2. Due to the nature of this issue, it was difficult to reproduce and we will be tracking the status of the issue after this patch to confirm.
  • Updated various Offerings and add-on descriptions to properly reflect their behavior in all languages


  • Fixed an issue that caused a “No Network Connection” message when signing out of an active profile during the title loading screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect error message to prompt the user when signing out of an active profile during the credits
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when the host of a Kill Your Friends lobby signed out of their active gamer profile during the session loading
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from inviting friends to a Survive With Friends lobby when accepting an invite while queued in the SWF lobby
Game Patch Notes

PUBG Xbox One Update 6 coming with Auto-run function – Patch Notes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch 6 for Xbox One will be available soon. According to the official patch notes, the latest PUBG update 6 will include various bug fixes and improvements.

In addition, the patch will also add the auto-run function to the game. Check out more details below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One Update 6 Patch Notes


  • Added Auto-run function(from a standstill, double-clicking L3 will activate auto-run)
  • Players can now drop equipped weapons with Y button when inventory screen is active
  • Grenades can once again be cycled by tapping right on D-pad
  • Players can now cancel casting actions while the inventory screen is active


  • Continued optimizations and crash fixes


  • Game controller guide has been updated

Bug fixes

  • Buildings around the Military Base have had their collision adjusted
  • Camera shake when riding as a passenger in vehicles has been reduced
  • Inventory character models have returned to their normal stance
  • Fixed a camera issue created by unintended Aim Down Sights and Free Look interactions
  •  “A” button will no longer refresh game results screen
  • Team UI will now correctly show the proper direction teammates are facing over larger distances
  • Player changes to markers on the in-game map will now be properly applied to their teammate’s in-game map
  • Fixed an issue where switching to throwables under certain conditions left the player empty-handed
  • Adjusted character positioning when exiting vehicles and parachutes.

The update will be available later today.

Game Patch Notes

Pokemon GO 0.89.1 for Android and 1.59.1 for iOS released

Pokemon GO 0.89.1 for Android is now available for download. The company also released Pokemon Go update 1.59.1 for iOS devices. The latest update includes bug fixes and game improvements. In addition, the update has added the ability to sort the Pokédex by region. Check out more details below.

Pokemon GO 0.89.1 for Android and 1.59.1 for iOS Patch Notes

  • Resolved a bug that caused the Pokémon collection screen to scroll to the top after evolving, transferring, or renaming a Pokémon.
  • Added the ability to sort the Pokédex by region.
  • Improved incubator sorting order when selecting an incubator.
  • Improved the way Pokémon scale throughout the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Previously, update 1.53.2 for iOS devices released with the support for the iPhone X screen resolution.

Check your updates to download latest Pokemon GO 0.89.1 for Android and 1.59.1 for iOS.

[appbox appstore id1094591345][appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo&hl=en]

Game Patch Notes

Fortnite Update brings New Map Updates, Battle Pass Bonuses and More

Fortnite Update 2.2.0 will be available tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest patch includes the long-awaited Battle Royale map update, along with a number of significant improvements to the Scoped AR, voice chat, and much more. In addition, the Save the World winter event has been extended until January 24. Check out full patch notes below.

Fortnite Update 2.2 Patch Notes


Map Update
Discover a new city, underground mine and a number of other brand new locations scattered across the Western side of the map. Biomes are also premiering in this patch, enriching the environment and personalizing each area. Where are you going to drop?
Battle Pass Bonuses
  • Get a free 5 tier head start in Season 3 when you purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass.
  • Buy ten Battle Pass tiers for the price of six with this special bundle in the store. On sale now for a limited time!
Winter Event Wrap Up

The Save the World winter event has been extended until January 24.

Voice Chat

Continue your conversation in the pre-game lobby, which now fully supports voice chat!



  • Removed the Scoped AR from Supply Drops.
  • Updated the scope for the Scoped AR.
    • Replaced the old arrow reticle with a more modern design. It should be easier to tell where you are aiming and where your crosshair actually is.
  • The Snowball Launcher has been replaced by the normal Grenade Launcher.
  • Slightly increased the size of the grenade (loot).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed frag and smoke grenades exploding on impact when hitting shallow water.
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade toss animation ended prematurely when tossing the last grenade in a stack.
  • The Boogie Bomb effect will now kick players out of weapon targeting.
  • Players can no longer place traps while affected by the Boogie Bomb.
  • Explosion effects now play properly on water surfaces.


  • Friendly Fire is now disabled. This is exploratory and subject to change. We will be closely evaluating this and want your feedback!
  • Players will now immediately aim their weapon upon landing on the ground if they press and hold the aim button while in the air.
  • Pickups no longer take priority over reviving DBNO squad members.
  • Empty chests and metal street lights will no longer block players from building.
  • Corn stalks are now destroyed upon taking any damage.
Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted how ammo crates drop ammo so that they don’t overlap the ammo box itself.
  • Attempting to use a scope while playing an emote will now cancel the animation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from picking up eliminated player’s items.
  • Fixed a few issues which caused supply drops to pass through player built structures.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a trap to deal no damage if a ramp or roof is placed in front of the trap.
  • Build mode visuals no longer persist when using a Launch Pad or when knocked into the DBNO state.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to see through the smoke grenade effect while scoped.
  • You can now move forward and backward while gliding when facing straight up and down.
  • The Cozy Campfire trap no longer heals eliminated players.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the glider to sometimes deploy sideways after using a launchpad.


  • The map has been updated with many new points of interest, biomes, and more!
  • Players now interact with grass and foliage as they walk through it.
  • Added water effects when entering and exiting water.
  • Added a new post-process effect for when your camera goes below the water surface.
    • It will now look like you are actually underwater, and you can no longer see for an infinite distance.
  • Added Ammo Boxes to Dusty Depot.
  • Increased the amount of metal harvested from shipping containers.
Bug Fixes
  • Water no longer blocks bullets and projectiles.


  • Starting on January 17th, 2018 players should see six daily store slots instead of four.
  • Starting on January 21st, 2018 the Weekly Item shop is changing to the Featured Item Shop.
    • Offers will update twice weekly instead of once.


  • Sniper elimination feed messages now include elimination distance in meters.
  • When spectating a far away player, a “loading” message may be displayed for a short time, and the game world will appear after loading completes.  You cannot switch to another spectated player until the load completes.
  • The “Reset Building Choice” option now defaults to “Off” in Battle Royale.
  • sAdded a new option to select which voice chat input device to use.
Bug Fixes
  • The “Select Mode” button is now greyed out and unselectable after readying up.
  • When selecting “Report Player” the “Name” field will no longer auto-fill the the player’s own name.
  • Adjusted the “Cancel/Unready” button so it looks more like the “Ready” button.
  • The “Press E to Pickup” prompt no longer persists for DBNO players.
  • Fixed an issue that made the voice chat icon appear to be active if the player disabled their voice chat while it was active.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the revive icon to remain over a player if two players revived them at the same time.
  • Players will now be able to unready if the party leader cancels matchmaking while in the “Loading Content” phase.
  • The matchmaking UI will now properly update when joining a different Battle Royale lobby while the user is set to Ready.
  • Fixed local user always showing up in the global leaderboard with 0 wins if they aren’t in the global top 50 list.


  • Added level streaming, which loads the world on-the-fly as you move around, enabling a richer map and improved performance.
    • Improved frame rate by greatly reducing the number of objects that need to be updated.
    • Loading times have been greatly improved.  It’s over twice as fast to load into the match on PS4 and Xbox One!
    • Loading content before matchmaking now completes quicker.
    • Greatly reduced hitching when garbage collecting memory every minute.
    • Greatly reduced hitching caused by updating objects when the time of day changes from day to night, and vice-versa.
  • Reduced the amount of system and GPU memory used.
  • Optimized the visual effects played when distant buildings are hit.
  • Improved overall frame rate by optimizing how player animation and footsteps are handled.
  • Cozy Campfire and Boogie Bomb items no longer cause a hitch when seen the first time in a match.
  • Encountering players with specific skins for the first time in a match no longer causes a hitch.


  • Greatly improved the visual quality of distant trees by using impostor billboards instead of regular meshes. This also improves overall frame rate and reduces visual popping as you approach the trees.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause remote players to look like they have stopped animating.
  • Improved the “Ride the Pony” animation so the character’s arm no longer pops.
  • Players will no longer appear as if they are still holding a weapon after being hit by a Boogie Bomb.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the character’s launch animation from playing if a Launch Pad is placed directly at a player’s feet.
  • Adjusted the color of the Shield Potion so that’s easier to see.
  • Fixed an issue that caused teammates to appear stuck in the sliding animation if they were knocked DBNO while in the air or sliding.
  • Cozy Campfire special effects are now visible on low and medium settings.


  • Added new audio for pickaxes that were previously using default swing sounds.
  • Added a pick-up sound effect for the damage trap.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused footstep sounds to play at an incorrect cadence or not at all while a player is not on screen.
  • Consumable item audio is now adjusted with the SFX volume slider rather than the Dialogue slider.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to hear bullet “whiz-by” sounds from their own shots.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a falling wind sound to loop repeatedly after being eliminated.
  • Gunfire audio will no longer pan to the left & right as you move away from where you shot.
  • Reduced volume of consumable pick-up sounds.
  • Reduced volume of collection sound when harvesting wood.
  • Fixed issues with rapid left/right panning when dropping weapons, and attempting to build in an invalid location.
  • Removed the jarring stone impact sound from the AC/DC pickaxe.


  • Voice chat now supported in the pre-game lobby.
  • Cosmetic items can now be rotated in the locker and store pages. Left click and drag or use the right thumbstick on the controller to rotate them.
  • Removed the winter theme from the pre-game lobby.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to get credit for completing challenges that were not completed.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed aim assist to function while using a mouse.
  • Friend requests can now be sent to players that have left the match, using the + icon next to their name.
  • Clicking “Join” on a Discord invite when the client is not open would will no longer cause you to fail when trying to join a party.



Bug Fixes
  • Shielders will now properly drop quest items for “Loks Book of Monsters” quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grenade Generation perk. The player is now rewarded with a grenade after eliminating 20 enemies rather than 21.
  • Fixed an issue where the pickaxe heavy attack was not harvesting resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shielder enemy would flicker after the Husk it was shielding was defeated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused quest highlights on objects to disappear when building near the object.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some parties to disband after a game.


  • Added clarification to the tooltip of the Constructor ability, “DECOY”.
    • It now states it’s made of metal, and thus vulnerable to nature damage.
Bug Fixes
  • Impact from abilities will now properly scale with Hero Ability Damage. As a result abilities will now correctly stagger, stun, and knockback enemies at high levels.
  • Fixed an issue where proximity mines wouldn’t disappear when the player who placed them left the match or died.
  • Fixed an issue where frag grenades could still be used even when the player didn’t have enough stamina to use it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soldier’s “Advanced Tactics” health bonus wasn’t properly  scaling in the late game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frag Grenade perk “Cluster Bomb” was triggering twice rather than just once.
  • Fixed the tool-tip for Air Strike which incorrectly stated that Air Strike drops 12 bombs, instead of 13.
  • Fixed an issue where the Outlander Fragment abilities TEDDY and Shock Tower weren’t receiving the energy damage bonus from the Energized support perk.


  • The Commander XP curve has been inflated to make way for front-end crafting. This is to ensure that low-value items (e.g. ammo) are worth at least 1 Commander XP when crafted in the main menus.
    • Commander XP will appear larger than it did previously, but the amount of Commander XP you have earned toward your next level has been preserved, and the time it takes to level up remains unchanged.
    • Increased players’ current Daily Bonus XP and current Boost XP reserves to match the new Commander XP scale.
  • Squad screens will no longer show health and shield as being buffed at all times. It will instead properly show the buff/debuff arrows on health and shield stats when previewing slotting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a localization issue in the Transform menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game background would move while using a controller to view the mission details.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to lose menu functionality after leaving a party.
  • Fixed a Research skill tree node that was missing a prerequisite.
    • Now the Research Tier 3 Party Resistance node requires Party Tech and Party Resistance.
  • Fixed an issue where recent player lists weren’t populating immediately after a game.


Bug Fixes
  • Corrected flame animation rotation on the Lobber head.


  • Searched chests and containers will no longer block players from building.
  • Cornstalks are no longer searchable.
  • Your game window will now properly appear on the primary monitor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare crash on Xbox One.
Game Patch Notes

Assassin’s Creed Origins Update 1.07 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed Origins update 1.07 now available on Xbox One and PC. According to the Assassins Creed Origins 1.07 patch notes, the latest update has added support for the upcoming “The Hidden Ones” expansion and “Incoming Threat” quest to the game. In addition, Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 also added all the latest Store items from the Nightmare, First Civilization, Gladiator, Wacky, and Almighty packs to the Heka Chest. Check out full changelog below.

Update: The update for PS4 will roll out soon.

Assassin's Creed Origins 1.07
Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07

Assassin’s Creed Origins Update 1.07 Patch Notes

  • Added support for the upcoming “The Hidden Ones” expansion
  • Added “Incoming Threat” quest to the game
  • Updated items loot pool of the Heka Chest (more details in the “New Features” section)


  • Added a new quest to the world: “Incoming Threat”
  • Assassins Creed Origins patch 1.07 added the Atlas view on the World Map displaying the Sinai and the Valley of Kings regions
  • Added support for the “The Hidden Ones” expansion
  • Added the possibility to sell-back outfits to the Weaver shops
  • Assassins Creed Origins version 1.07 added all the latest Store items from the Nightmare, First Civilization, Gladiator, Wacky, and Almighty packs to the Heka Chest
  • Added the option to toggle the visibility of inventory items on the Gear menu


  • Improved various cinematic transitions
  • Assassins Creed Origins update 1.07 increased the resistance of Khaliset to the Overpower Ultra ability
  • Corrected the visual size of Isfet’s weapon in the quest “Lady of Slaughter” to match its collision box
  • Prevented Tahirah from following the playable character after a certain distance in the quest “Reunion”
  • Fixed various issues that might occur when skipping cinematics
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 fixed an issue causing the stash in the quest “The Mousetrap” to float
  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from completing the quest “The Healer”
  • Assassins Creed Origins 1.07 fixed various situations causing Jumbe, the War Elephant, to reset in the middle of combat
  • Fixed an issue preventing the playable character from climbing and fighting while in the quest “The Final Weighing”
  • Fixed an issue allowing Thutmose to lose his felucca in the quest “Blood in the Water”
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 fixed the delay before the Quest Completed trigger when completing the quest “A Tithe By Any Other Name”
Assassins Creed Origins 1.07
Assassins Creed Origins 1.07


  • Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07 reduce the difficulty of Hippodrome races
  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from being able to be pushed into the pit of the Duelist II Arena encounter
  • Assassins Creed Origins update 1.07 fixed an issue where players were ranked incorrectly after completing a Hippodrome race

Gameplay Changes in Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07

  • Improved the behavior of tamed animals
  • Fixed various issues on how fire was applying damage to the playable character and NPCs
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning of the playable character in the Haueris Nome
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 addressed an issue that could cause a desynchronization when controlling Senu from a hiding location
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07 fixed the damage bonus applied by Master abilities, which was lower than designed
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Chain Attack ability to work
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins version 1.07 addressed an issue that could prevent the Adrenaline ability to be triggered
  • Fixed the Overpower Chain Throw ability that was awarding Assassinate bonus XP
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07 fixed an issue allowing the inactive weapon to cause damage
  • Fixed an issue with the distance counter not updating correctly when NPC is outside of the field of view
  • Assassins Creed Origins version 1.07 fixed various situation where the playable character could remain stuck
  • Fixed various issues with the animations of the playable character
  • Fixed various issues with the spawning, the reactions, and the animations of NPCs
Assassin's Creed Origins patch 1.07 Patch Notes
Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 Patch Notes

UI Changes in Assassins Creed Origins 1.07

  • Assassins Creed Origins patch 1.07 added the leaderboard to the Horde Mode menu panel
  • Fixed an issue with the Target Menu not properly showing The Scarab after reloading the save game
  • Fixed various issues with the World Map filters
  • Assassins Creed Origins patch 1.07 addressed an issue making arrow disappear from its quiver in the gear page when using the customization options
  • Assassins Creed Origins 1.07 fixed an overlapping issue with Custom Markers when playing in Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed an issue where the “Bathhouse Towel” outfit would appear as new every time the playable character exits the bathhouse
  • Fixed a mistranslation on a Papyrus puzzle when playing in Russian
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.07 fixed an issue with the distance counter not updating correctly when NPCs are outside of the field of view
  • Fixed some discrepancies in the Quest Log
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins update 1.07 fixed various typos
  • [Xbox One X] Fixed the user associated with the “Best Score” in the Arena leaderboard after having switched profile in the main menu
  • [PC] Added a message telling players to restart their game after acquiring new downloadable contents
  • [PC] Added the ‘Hide Icons’ action to the Eagle section of the Customize Controls option menu
  • [PC] Fixed the Fast Travel action in the World Map


  • Fixed the models of the Level 10 gears
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.07 fixed an issue with Weaver shops selling the same outfit more than once
  • Fixed an issue with cages that could open by themselves when they had a prisoner
  • Fixed several areas where the playable character could go through collisions


  • Assassins Creed Origins patch 1.07 balanced the audio volume level in different areas
  • Fixed an issue when the playable character could continue to talk after dying
  • Assassins Creed Origins 1.07 fixed various visual issues that could occur when transitioning from indoor to outdoor
  • Fixed an issue with the intensity of the red when in HDR


  • Improve overall stability of the game application
  • Assassins Creed Origins patch 1.07 addressed various infinite loadings and black screen hangs
  • [PC] Fixed game freeze after minimizing all tabs in Windows 7
  • [PC] Improved Performance Metrics graphs functionality

Check your game update and download latest Assassin’s Creed Origins update 1.07 on your PS4 and Xbox One.