SD820-powered Windows Phone

Last month, when a Snapdragon 820-powered Windows Phone device – dubbed HP Falcon – was spotted on GFXBench, we first treated the news with skepticism as there had been no news (or even rumors) whatsoever on that front, but subsequent reports confirmed the existence of such an HP device.

Now, exactly a month later, another SD820-powered WP device has been spotted on the benchmarking website. Aside from the latest Snapdragon chipset, it sports a 6-inch QHD display and features 20MP rear and 12MP front cameras.

Internal memory is 43GB, while RAM is listed as 1.5GB, something which isn’t inline with other specs and suggests that at least some of these numbers aren’t correct. Although there have been rumors of Microsoft already testing SD820-powered 2016 Lumia flagships, we’d still advise you to take the latest news with a pinch of salt.

Finding your phone number in Windows 10 Mobile

It’s just a matter of time until you forget you own phone number, and in today’s guide, we will refresh your memory by walking you through the steps to find your number in Windows 10 Mobile.


More than ever we’re using our smartphones just like we use our computers, more than we use them actually to make phone calls. It’s all about apps and services to the point that at those moments where we need it the most, we can forget something so simple as our own phone number. As such, for those times where you simply forgot, you are switching from a different mobile platform, or you are just jumping to the new version of the mobile operating system from Windows Phone 8.1. Another frequent situation? When going to a foreign country and using a pre-paid SIM card.

In today’s beginners guide, we will show you three very easy methods you can use to find your phone number in your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

Gaming Latest

Gear 4

During yesterday’s Gears of War Pro League stream, Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson confirmed that Gears of War 4 is targeting a Fall 2016 launch.

The original reveal trailer from E3 2015 listed the game for a Holiday 2016 release, but it looks like we’ll be getting our hands on it a little earlier than expected.

The E3 gameplay revealed a darker, near-survival horror motif for the next Gears. Equipped with flashlights, new Gears soldiers JD and Kait move through abandoned city ruins on the hunt for a Pouncer, a new monster type. Although the trailer revealed little regarding new gameplay mechanics or story direction, expect news about that to materialize as soon as February, where the official Xbox magazine will run an exclusive Gears 4 cover story.

Gears of War 4 will also benefit from a Xbox One beta test this Spring, with purchasers of the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition receiving early access. If you wish to benefit from the early access, you’ll need to have played the Ultimate Edition on your profile by March 1st, 2016.

The Coalition also revealed that 45% of the 1 million plus owners of the Ultimate Edition were entirely new to the franchise, giving further indication that Gears of War 4 will be a system seller. As of 2014, the Gears of War franchise had grossed over $1 billion dollars, with sales of around 22 million copies across the entire series. That’s a lot of Gears fans.

The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson previously said that the studio’s work, re-mastering the original Gears of War, helped them get to grips with the series’ roots – which is where Gears of War 4 seems to be headed.

…”It was really our way of deconstructing nostalgia, and going back to our roots. It allowed us to talk about philosophical things, like ‘What makes Gears, Gears?’ That notion of cover distances, spawning in waves, the idea of intimate violence.”…
Check out our full list of most anticipated 2016 Xbox One titles, where Gears of War 4 is a firm fixture.


Nokia smartphone leaks

Now that 2015 is officially over, Nokia can enjoy a well-deserved breath of freedom. If you don’t remember, the Microsoft buyout of the Finish’s Titan’s mobile business involved a particular non-compete clause that prevented the company from releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. That expired on December 31, 2015 and eager fans can hardly contain their excitement at the possibility of new Nokia handsets.

Actually Nokia’s eventual return to the smartphone business in 2016 has been debated for quite some time now and after a lot of ups and downs and a few disappointing denials, it seems that the last official statement from Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri seals the deal. Now that the New Year is officially upon us, it is natural for the next wave of leaks and rumors to start rolling in, like this new shot that indeed appears to depict a Nokia-branded smartphone.