AMD’s 32-Core Threadripper Processor will be available later this year

Today at Computex, AMD teased it upcoming 32-Core Threadripper Processor. The second generation of AMD’s Threadripper processors straps four 8-core Ryzen APUs together to form a unified, humongous 32-core part. The new processor can handle 64 processing threads at a time.

Yesterday, Intel announced it’s 28-core/56-thread high-end desktop processor. The CPU will run at 2.70 GHz as a base clock and turbo frequency up to 5.00 GHz. In Cinebench, it achieved a score of 7,334 on stage, something that’s only bested by multi-processor systems.

AMD's 32-Core Threadripper Processor
AMD’s 32-Core Threadripper Processor

The second-gen AMD Threadripper processor will be built using a 12nm process and will be available to buy in the third quarter of this year.


New Intel 28-Core Desktop Processor is coming later this Year

Intel has announced it’s new 28-core/56-thread high-end desktop processor. The new processor has a 700 mm die on a client-segment package. The CPU will run at 2.70 GHz as a base clock. Intel did not specify any turbo frequency but did manage to overclock to 5.00 GHz. In Cinebench, it achieved a score of 7,334 on stage, something that’s only bested by multi-processor systems.

Earlier today, the company also announced it’s limited edition processor – Core i7-8086K (only 50,000 will be made). This processor is an homage to both Intel’s 50 year company anniversary and the 40 year anniversary of the eponymous 8086 processor.

How to fix 'Meltdown' - Intel Processors Security flaw
How to fix ‘Meltdown’ – Intel Processors Security flaw

This new processor is a boost over its current Core i7-8700K offering. Intel has said that the processor has a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a single core turbo of 5.0 GHz.

The official pricing is now available yet, however, the processor might cost you $425.


New Intel Core i9, i7 and i5 Processors announced for Laptops

Today Intel unveiled the first ever Intel Core i9 processor for laptops at a global event in Beijing. The new 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor is the highest-performance laptop processor Intel. According to the company, the new CPU is built to deliver the best gaming and content creation experience on the go.

The company also announced a new core i7 and i5 processors for laptops with 14nm process technology enabling them to deliver up to 41 percent more frames per second in gameplay or edit 4K video up to 59 percent faster than the 7th generation with same discrete graphics.

Intel Core i9 CPU with Optane Sihmar 1
Intel Core i9 CPU

The new Intel Core i9-8950HK processor features six cores and 12 threads. It comes fully unlocked and features the new Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB), which opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature is low enough and turbo power budget is available. This translates to a turbo frequency of up to 4.8 GHz.

Intel has also released a new Data Drive Acceleration feature that delivers a boost to a large secondary HDD data drive. This powerful combination provides up to 4.7 times the game loading and 1.7 times faster media loading.

Intel Core i9+ CPU with Optane Sihmar 2
Intel Core i9+ CPU with Optane

Consumers will also begin to see a new platform extension with Intel Core i5+, i7+ and i9+ badges on select systems, starting with today’s high-performance 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processors and desktop processors. This indicates they are purchasing a device that has the combination of Intel Core performance with the acceleration of Intel Optane memory.


Intel 8th-Gen Processors with AMD Vega graphics announced

Intel has announced its 8th-Generation Core i7 and Core i5 H-series processors with AMD Vega graphics. The new processors include both the CPU and GPU on the same die. According to the Intel, this reduced the silicon footprint by 50%. Intel’s integrated graphics memory is shared with the system memory, so with dedicated graphics and eight lanes of high-speed PCI Express Gen 3 between the two, performance is greatly increased.

However, it still includes HD Graphics 630. Intel HD Graphics can be used for tasks that don’t need as much power. In addition, the machine can now power up to nine monitors – six off of the AMD Radeon RX Vega M GPU, and three off of the HD Graphics 630.

Intel 8th-gen H-series Processors with AMD Vega graphics announced (1)
Intel 8th-gen H-series Processors with AMD Vega graphics

The new 65W chips come in Core i5 and i7 flavors, and the i5 can be clocked at up to 3.8GHz (2.8GHz base), while the i7 can be clocked at up to 4.1GHz (3.1GHz base). The 100W processors are Core i7 only and they can be clocked at up to 4.2GHz with overclocking option.

Now let’s talk about onboard dedicated AMD Vega Graphics. There are two different models of AMD RX Vega M graphics: GL and GH. Radeon RX Vega M GL has a base GPU clock of 931MHz and 20 compute units, with a peak performance of 2.6 teraflops. GH has a base clock of 1,063MHz and 24 compute units with a peak performance of up to 3.7 teraflops.

According to the Intel’s official slides, the new dedicated AMD RX Vega M graphics: GL and GH can beat Nvidia 1050 and Nvidia 1060 graphics cards in performance.

Intel 8th-Generation Core i7 and Core i5 H-series processors will feature in gaming as well as ultrabooks laptops.


Snapdragon 845 announced, Check out full Specs and Features

Qualcomm has announced its latest Snapdragon 845 flagship chipset. The new Snapdragon 845 packs an octa-core CPU, clocked at up to 2.8 GHz, as well as a new GPU and AI platform, based on the Hexagon 685 DSP. According to the company, there will be an overall “25-percent performance uplift” over the previous generation.

Snapdragon 845 (2)
Snapdragon 845

Snapdragon 845 features

The eight CPU cores also called Kryo 385 will bring better performance. The four cores are based on the Cortex-A75 architecture, while the other four are for efficiency, and based on the Cortex-A55.

The Adreno 630 GPU will handle the graphics department. Qualcomm promises 30% faster graphics and 30% better power efficiency with the new chip. Thanks to a 2.5x faster display throughput, a 2K x 2K display should be able to efficiently run at 120 Hz using the new GPU.

Qualcomm is also touting VR and AR capability right out of the box, including eye tracking, hand tracking, and multiview rendering. The new Hexagon 685 DSP will also work as an AI image coprocessor. This will make voice assistants three times faster than the previous generation. It will support Android 8.1 Oreo’s Neural Networks API for improved always-on keyword detection and super-efficient voice processing.

Snapdragon 845 specifications

Process 10 nm FinFET
CPU 8x Kryo 385 (4x Cortex-A75 up to 2.8 GHz + 4x Cortex-A55 up to 1.8 GHz)
GPU / VPS Adreno 630
Camera Up to 32MP / 16MP +16MP
Video Recording 4K HDR
Max screen resolution 2x 2400×2400 @ 120 FPS (VR)
LTE 1.2 Gbps / 150 Mbps
Wi-Fi 802.11ad Multi-gigabit
AI Platform Hexagon 685
QuickCharge QuickCharge 4/4+

Qualcomm will start shipping the new chipset to smartphone manufacturers in early 2018. The first flagships with the Snapdragon 845 will be the Xiaomi Mi 7. Samsung Galaxy S9 will also feature this new chipset.


Apple macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra update is now available for download

Apple’s macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra is now available for download. The new macOS update comes with bug fixes and improvements.

The update 10.13.2 brings the compatibility improvements for third-party USB audio devices as well as Braille displays with Mail. Check out more features below.

Apple macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra features

  • Improves compatibility with certain third-party USB audio devices.
  • Improves VoiceOver compatibility navigation when viewing PDF documents in Preview.
  • Improves the compatibility of Braille displays with Mail.

You can read full security update here.

Recently, Apple also released the macOS High Sierra security fix that addressed the root vulnerability that shipped with macOS High Sierra 10.13 and 10.13.1.


Intel and AMD coming together to produce a new laptop chip

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are coming together to produce a laptop chip. This upcoming chip will use an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit. The new chip will be made for thin and portable laptops, but still powerful enough for gamers who need a stronger option to play intensive games. It’ll be part of Intel’s 8th-gen Intel Core line.

AMD specified that these new Intel chips will not include Ryzen chips. The new graphics chip will be different from Ryzen chips and will be aimed at serious gamers.

Intel_AMD vs Nvidia

Intel says this is the first consumer product that uses the EMIB small intelligent bridge design, which allows information to be passed quickly in “extremely close proximity.” The bridge allows chips to be both smaller and more powerful. The new chip will use HBM2, and can be used in devices including notebooks, two-in-ones, and mini desktops.

The new Intel and AMD partnership will compete against Nvidia which is also working on hardware for AI applications.


AMD announced new Ryzen chips for ultrathin notebooks

AMD has unveiled new Ryzen mobile processors for 2-in-1s, convertibles, and ultrathin notebook computers. The company claims that its new mobile CPUs are the world’s fastest CPUs for these devices.

According to the company, these new Ryzen mobile processors provide superior performance compared to the previous AMD mobile processor generation, including:

  • Up to three times the CPU performance
  • Up to 2.3X the GPU performance
  • Up to 58 percent less power consumption.

New in Ryzen mobile processors:

  • New Precision Boost 2 technology, which accelerates processor performance in workloads using from one to many CPU cores, which means that core speeds can be adjusted independently and on the fly according to power availability ad thermal constraints
  • Mobile Extended Frequency Range (mXFR), which boosts performance on systems with enhanced cooling solutions on systems certified for “Ultimate XFR Performance”

Ryzen mobile processors Specs:

Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon Vega Graphics:

  • 4 cores/8 threads
  • 3.8 GHz max clock
  • 10 Graphics Compute Units
  • 1300 MHz GPU
  • 6MB L2/L3 cache
  • 15W nominal TDP (ranging between 12W and 25W)

Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Graphics:

  • 4 cores/8 threads
  • 3.6 GHz max clock
  • 8 Graphics Compute Units
  • 1100 MHz GPU
  • 6MB L2/L3 cache
  • 15W nominal TDP (ranging between 12W and 25W)

Both the Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U support 10-bit H.265/HEVC decoding for 4K video and VP9.

Acer, HP, and Lenovo will launch AMD Processors based 15-inch HP Envy x360, a 13-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 720S, and a 15-inch Acer Swift 3.


Major vulnerability found in Wi-Fi encryption, Android worst affected

A major vulnerability has been discovered in Wi-Fi encryption that can allow attackers to read Wi-Fi traffic between devices and wireless access points. Attackers can even modify the key to inject malware into websites. Researchers have disclosed that Android and Linux-based devices are the worst affected. Researchers claim the attack works against all modern Wi-Fi networks using WPA or WPA 2 encryption, and that the weakness is in the Wi-Fi standard itself so it affects macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux devices.

The attack requires that a device be in range to a malicious device. By intercepting traffic, attackers can read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted, and hackers don’t need to even crack a Wi-Fi password to achieve this.

This hack can be used to steal credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, photos, emails, and much more.

41 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to this new Wi-Fi attack. Android devices will require security patches to protect against this. Currently, the exploit doesn’t target access points. The attack exploits vulnerabilities in the 4-way handshake of the WPA2 protocol, a security handshake that ensures client and access points have the same password when joining a Wi-Fi network.

As this is a client-based attack, expect to see a number of patches for devices in the coming weeks.

Should I change my Wi-Fi password?

Changing the password of your Wi-Fi network does not prevent (or mitigate) the attack. So you do not have to update the password of your Wi-Fi network. Instead, you should make sure all your devices are updated, and you should also update the firmware of your router. After updating your router, you can optionally change the Wi-Fi password as an extra precaution.

I’m using WPA2 with only AES. That’s also vulnerable?

Yes, that network configuration is also vulnerable. The attack works against both WPA1 and WPA2, against personal and enterprise networks, and against any cipher suite being used (WPA-TKIP, AES-CCMP, and GCMP).

Is my device vulnerable?

Any device that uses Wi-Fi is likely vulnerable. Contact your vendor for more information.


New 8th Gen Intel Core processors brings 40 percent improvement over 7th Gen CPUs

Intel today officially announced its 8th Gen Intel Core processors. The company launches U model processors for laptops with quad-core support. A total of four Core i5 and Core i7 8xxxU are being released. According to the company, the new 8th Gen family will even include some of Intel’s first 10 nm products.

Specifications Core i5/i7 U-series CPUs
7th Generation 8th Generation
Cores Freq +
L3 Price Cores Freq +
L3 Price
i7-7660U 2/4 2.5 GHz 4 MB $415 i7-8650U 4/8 1.9/? GHz 8 MB $409
i7-7560U 2.4 GHz $415 i7-8550U 1.8/4.0 GHz $409
i5-7360U 2/4 2.3 GHz 3 MB $304 i5-8350U 4/8 1.7/? GHz 6 MB $297
i5-7260U 2.2 GHz $304 i5-8250U 1.6/3.4 GHz $297

New 8th Gen Intel Core processors features:

  • Editing photos or creating a slideshow? That’s up to 48 percent faster on 8th Gen vs. devices powered by the processor we released last year. Now imagine that compared to a 5-year-old device.
  • Editing video footage is now up to 14.7x faster, so rendering what used to take 45 minutes on a 5-year-old PC, now takes three minutes.
  • It’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite shows in 4K UHD, including new content coming soon from Amazon* Prime Video and Vudu*, as well as everything already available from Netflix*, Sony Pictures ULTRA* and iQiyi*.
  • You can try out new advancements like Windows Mixed Reality or go even more immersive with Thunderbolt™ 3 external graphics (up to 4K) for enhanced gaming and VR.

These new mobile family processors boost of up to 40 percent performance gain over the previous gen, and that jumps to 2x if you compare it with a 5-year-old machine. This is all thanks to the new quad-core configuration, power-efficient micro architecture, advanced process technology and a huge range of silicon optimizations. The latest 8th Gen Intel Core Processors deliver the platform-wide improvements that embrace and enhance from 4K to VR and beyond.

The first wave of 8th Gen Intel Core processor-powered devices featuring i5/i7 processors will come to market beginning in September. The first desktop processors coming in the fall.