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COD WW2 Version 1.09 out with New Weapons, Gears, Game Mode

Call of Duty WW2 Update 1.09 for PS4 is now available for download. According to the COD WW2 1.09 patch notes, the new update comes with the Resistance Community event. The new event is free for all and adds a bunch of new weapons, game modes, gear and a new Division. In addition, Call of Duty WW2 Update 1.09 also includes various bug fixes and game improvements. Check out more details below.

COD WW2 Update 1.09 Patch Notes

NEW Resistance Community Event (Jan 23 – Feb 27)

  • Call of Duty WW2 version 1.09 has added “The Resistance” community event. The event features free content, available to all players, like the all-new Resistance Division, new weapons, and uniforms used in uprisings across Europe during World War II. Participate in new limited-time game mode events and rotating 2XP playlists across Multiplayer, War Mode, and Zombies. Plus, log in weekly to get a free Resistance Supply Drop.


Captain Butcher is back from the front lines, where he witnessed the determination of resistance fighters across Europe. He also secured underground weapons, uniforms, and equipment for your own use in battle. Visit him at HQ to pick up new Resistance Supply Drops, complete Resistance Collections, and sign up for Contracts.


After COD WW2 version 1.09, all players will have free access to the new Resistance Division starting January 23rd. Civilians rose and resisted the German war machine, and fought to take their freedom back. The new Resistance Division embodies the skills and experience of citizen soldiers from across Europe, and features the new Tactical Knife Skill, a new 9mm SAP Pistol, as well as new skills that can alter the tide of battle, such as the ability to scramble enemy maps.


As an underground Resistance fighter, you must master the skill of stealth. In a fun spin, just for this event, you can put your skills to the test in the Prop Hunt game mode, where players on one team must disguise themselves as everyday items strewn throughout the war zone, while the other team is tasked with tracking them down and destroying them. As a fun party mode, we hope you’ll enjoy taking a break from the core modes and try Prop Hunt during this limited-time event playlist.


Resistance fighters have the power to disrupt the course of battle with a strategically placed bomb behind enemy lines. In the return of this classic Call of Duty® game mode, it’s your job to do just that – spearhead an assault, plant a bomb, and defend it until the end. Demolition is another great bomb objective mode, like Search & Destroy, but with the dynamic combat of player respawns that result in nonstop action.


COD WW2 1.09 Patch Notes


Bring new limited-time underground weapons into the thick of battle. Complete collections to earn special Resistance-themed variants of the Orso SMG, the Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle, and the devastating Combat Knife. Once the Resistance Community Event ends on February 27, Captain Butcher takes his stock back to the front lines, and the ability to unlock these Collection Rewards goes away with him.

Call Of Duty Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Fixed in COD WW2 1.09 Update

  • Fixed issue where volume of some announcer VO lines in War Mode was louder than intended
  • Turned down foley footstep volume, as well as other players’ footstep volume
  • Friendly shellshock no longer impacts player movement. VFX and screen shake still present, but player movement and look speed reductions have been eliminated.
  • Console fix to the spectator bug
  • Addition of the emblem gallery feature
  • Tuning change to increase the speed of health regen
  • The new Resistance Division
  • New Resistance themed weapons, including the special weapon orders for directly earning them through match play

Full Call of Duty Update 1.09 patch notes will be available in few minutes. Keep refreshing the page. Meanwhile, check your game update and download the latest COD WW2 Update 1.09 on your PS4.

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