Conan Exiles Xbox One Patch Update released – Patch Notes


Conan Exiles Xbox One patch update is now available. The latest patch comes with bug fixes and other game improvements including a fix for some objects where they take a long time to become usable (weapons etc.). In addition, server browser will no longer show an incomplete list of servers. Check out full details below.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Xbox One Patch update – Full Patch Notes

  • Fix for crash when starting client before the download is completed (streaming install).
  • Fix for server rental.
  • Fix for some issues causing endless loading screens.
  • Fix for some crashes.
  • Fix for inability to resume local games.
  • Fix for crash in an animation system.
  • Fix for some objects taking a long time to become usable (weapons etc.).
  • Fix for some game stalls.
  • Fix for server browser showing an incomplete list of servers.
  • Misc. GUI fixes.

Known Issues

  • Server browser may freeze and require the game restart.
  • NPCs may have delayed attacks.
  • NPCs are sometimes invisible.
  • Game occasionally hangs when loading.
  • Game crashes in different situations.

Check your game update and download latest Conan Exiles Xbox One patch. The update size is around 7.38GB.