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[Fix] Wuthering Waves Fallen Grave Pressure Plates Puzzle

Stuck on the Fallen Grave Pressure Plates Puzzle in Wuthering Waves? You’re not alone! This tricky puzzle can stump even the most seasoned gamers. Follow this comprehensive guide to breeze through it.

What is the Fallen Grave Pressure Plates Puzzle in Wuthering Waves?

The Fallen Grave Pressure Plates Puzzle in Wuthering Waves is a complex challenge requiring you to activate a series of pressure plates in the correct order. Solving this puzzle opens up a hidden area, offering rewards and access to new parts of the game.

How to Solve the Fallen Grave Pressure Plates Puzzle

  1. Identify the Plates: Locate all the pressure plates in the puzzle area. They are usually marked or have distinct designs.
  2. Observe the Environment: Pay attention to environmental cues around each plate. Often, there are hints in the form of symbols or patterns.
  3. Activate in Order: The key to this puzzle is the sequence. Stepping on the plates in the wrong order resets the puzzle. Start by experimenting or following a known pattern provided by other players.
  4. Check for Resonance Beacons: Some puzzles require activating nearby resonance beacons that interact with the plates. Make sure you find and activate these.
  5. Use the Levitator Tool: In some cases, the Levitator Tool might be necessary to reach or activate higher plates.
  6. Avoid Tacet Discord Enemies: Clear out any Tacet Discord enemies nearby. They can interrupt your puzzle-solving process.
  7. Puzzle Completion Reward: Successfully solving the puzzle often grants valuable rewards. Ensure to check the area thoroughly after solving for hidden treasures.

Why Can’t I Solve the Fallen Grave Puzzle?

If the Fallen Grave Puzzle isn’t activating or you’re stuck, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check Sequence: Ensure you’re activating the plates in the correct sequence. A small mistake can reset the puzzle.
  • Environmental Clues: Sometimes the solution lies in observing the surrounding area. Look for patterns or symbols.
  • Tool Usage: Make sure you’re using all necessary tools, like the Levitator Tool.
  • Update the Game: Ensure your game is up to date to avoid bugs.


What should I do if the fallen grave puzzle in Wuthering Waves is not working?

Ensure you are stepping on the plates in the correct order and using any necessary tools like the Levitator Tool.

How do I find the correct sequence for the fallen grave puzzle?

Look for environmental clues such as symbols or patterns that hint at the correct order.

Can I skip the fallen grave puzzle in Wuthering Waves?

Skipping is not recommended as solving the puzzle grants access to hidden areas and valuable rewards.

What tools are needed to solve the fallen grave pressure plates puzzle?

The Levitator Tool might be needed for reaching higher plates. Ensure you have it before attempting the puzzle.

Why do the plates reset when I step on them?

Stepping on plates in the wrong sequence causes a reset. Double-check the order and environmental hints.

Wuthering Waves Fallen Grave Puzzle Easy Mode

Some players report an easy mode solution where the sequence is simplified. Check community forums for any shared patterns or solutions that might offer a quicker way to solve it.

Best Character to Solve Fallen Grave Puzzle Wuthering Waves

Certain characters with higher agility or specific abilities might make solving the puzzle easier. Experiment with different characters to find the best fit for this challenge.

Additional Tips: June 2, 2024

  • Watch Walkthroughs: Video guides can offer a visual solution.
  • Join Discussions: Engage with the community on forums or Reddit for tips and shared solutions.
  • Practice: Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics by practicing other environmental puzzles.

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