Galaxy S8 to feature RGB AMOLED and ditch Home key, Audio jack

According to new rumors, Samsung Galaxy S8 may use Quad HD resolution RGB Super AMOLED panel. The RGB Super AMOLED display is sharp and produces even better picture quality than current Diamond PenTile-based one. VR will get the biggest gain from the better display.

Samsung may ditch the Home key and put fingerprint identification placed beneath the screen, with the help of the ultrasonic biometric tech by Qualcomm. The Galaxy S8 may also not include 3.5 audio jack. By ditching the audio jack port, the company would create more room for stereo speakers, a larger battery, and more sensors. This will also let Samsung slim the S8 without having to make significant changes to the phone.

Other rumors suggest that the new panel will be made of a sturdier material and thus make it harder to damage. The Galaxy S8 should be announced in February.