Halo 5 Guardians Monitor’s Bounty update released

Monitor’s Bounty update for Halo 5: Guardians is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10. The new update brings many changes and new features, ranging from Forge minigames and Warzone changes to new REQs and playlists. Check out the changelog below.

Halo 5 Monitor’s Bounty update:

  • “Observer Mode” is now available to everyone
  • Players can now browse and join Custom Games in progress
  • Players can now gift REQ Packs to friends on Xbox Live
  • New Character: Beam Goblin
    • Grunts have retrofitted the most deadly Covenant weaponry onto a new variant of their Grunt Goblin mech chassis, with a Scarab Beam replacing the needler, Wraith mortar rounds for grenades and homing plasma balls replacing the needle barrage
  • Announcers can now be customized in Warzone, Firefight, and Arena
  • New Weapon Skins
  • New Stances and Assassinations
  • New scope: Morph Scope
  • New Weapons: Safeguard Sentinel Beam, Grenade Launcher, Pro Pipe
  • New Vehicles: Anti-Air Wraith, Oni Wasp, Hannibal Wasp
  • Minigames added to Game Variants
  • Super Fiesta updated with latest REQ weapons
  • New Firefight Map added – Prospect
  • New Firefight Map added – Temple
  • Added Heroic Version of Warzone Firefight
  • Added Mythic Version of Warzone Firefight
  • Added support for Mythic Warzone Firefight Game Variant and Weekend Hopper
    • Players can now browse and join Custom Games in progress
    • Added a 5k resolution option (5120 x 2880)
    • Added a Fullscreen toggle in the Settings Menu
    • Added the ability to render at resolutions higher than the native display resolution (for super-sampling)
    • Added a new list of selectable Gamertags to the Pause Menu
    • Added a new Minigame Game Variant
    • Created a playable version of the Tutorial Map (Test Site V)
  • Tweaks and Changes:
    • Stability improvements
      • Fixed the leading causes of game instability, as well as improved stability for some specific PC build configurations.
    • Improved Graphics performance/features/fixes
      • An NVIDIA-card-specific issue with water effects has been fixed, along with an AMD lighting fix, shadow effects fix, and improved performance with Razer CORE exterior GPU usage
    • Mouse control improvements
      • Some issues which negatively impacted the mouse sensitivity/aiming have been fixed
    • Globalization/Localization improvements
      • Some text strings which were hard-coded now update properly with different language settings
    • Fixed an issue blocking players from viewing more than 12 bookmarks
    • Fixed an issue where Game Mode settings would not persist when creating copies

Note – Halo 5: Guardians Monitor’s Bounty update size is over 7GB on Xbox One. Check out full list of changes here.