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House Flipper Update Patch Notes – May 18, 2022


House Flipper update is now available to download on PC. According to the official House Flipper patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s House Flipper version will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


House Flipper Patch Notes – May 18, 2022

General fixes and changes:
  • Scaffolding can now be placed below the ground level.
  • Fixed duplicated button tip in the intro.
  • Updated visuals for the gender view of your pet.
  • Now each toy has a ghost left behind when picked up, as a preview of where it would return if you hid it.
  • Thrown toys picked from the ground will appear back in their place when thrown outside of bounds.
  • Picking up the toy when it’s in the air no longer results in infinite duplication.
  • Reloading the map no longer duplicates all thrown toys.
  • The interaction menu no longer duplicates thrown toys.
  • Losing the pulling game with your dog no longer results in toy duplication.
  • Carried toys will no longer break when bought on a roof or other places without a floor in front of the player.
  • Toy landing in grass no longer results in a cut patch left.
  • Fixed mouse toy being too efficient at cutting weeds, but now other thrown toys are capable of it too.
  • Rope of the cat rod no longer bounces endlessly.
  • Cat rod no longer changes your field of view after hiding the tool.
  • Pulling Rope interaction now shows the key tip correctly.
  • Hands no longer change size after pausing and unpausing while your FOV is different than 60.
  • Fixed validation for pet name, sO yOuR tExT nO lOnGeR tUrNs InTo SoMeThInG lIkE tHiS wHeN yOu HoLd sHiFt.
  • Now your helper dog will put the paint down if interacted with.
  • It is now much easier to give paint to your dog, without your dog being busy when standing still.
  • Fixed ceiling lamp changing position when loading a save.
  • Fixed Cutibaly Enclosure’s and Vitto Garden Hammock’s missing materials.
  • Fixed error causing pets spawning on invalid floors
  • Fixed tiles having wrong names.
  • Fixed potential bugs caused by butterflies.
  • Pets will no longer cause optimization issues without being present.
  • Pet Gender is now visible on the interaction popup.
  • Fixed some issues related to pet fence gates.
  • It is now possible to name your pet while using a pad.
  • Fixed cleaning achievement not considering a small bathtub as valid.
  • Fixed crash related to pet eye randomization.
  • Fixed pet randomization in Morgan’s Pet Care, the choices will be more varied now.
  • Your pets will no longer turn invisible randomly after placing a wall inside a house.
House/Job specific fixes and changes:
  • Let’s rock right meow:
    (House) – Added ceiling to the small roof at the top.
    (House) – Fixed unpaintable ceiling on a small roof.
    (House) – Fixed unsellable electric sockets.
    (Job) – Fixed candle position.
    (Both) – Adjusted spawn position of the player.
    (Both) – Pets no longer fly near the garage.
  • Grade-A renovation:
    (House) – Fixed object container attachment, causing wrong shop view.
    (Job) – You can now sell the remaining wall materials after you’re 100% done with the corresponding room.
    (Job) – You can now sell the scaffolding after you’re 100% done with the furniture on the upper floor.
  • A chance to change:
    (Both) – Fixed Grass Placement to remove grass flickering.
    (House) – You can now paint the wall bits above the garage and the terrace.
  • Quality upgrade:
    (Both) – Adjusted collision of grass mower to fix window placement blocking.
    (House) – Enabled window and door placement in the corner of the ground floor.
  • The animal caretaker:
    (Both) – Fixed gravel placement by adjusting ground position.
    (Both) – Fixed floor material in the garage.
    (Job) – Now requires twelve fences instead of only one.
  • Home stretch:
    (Both) – Fixed ground position to remove the visible gap between the floor and the void.
    (House) – Enabled window and door placement on blocked walls on the ground floor near the garage.
  • More freedom:
    (Both) – Fixed missing roof collider.
  • Pets haven:
    (Both) – Grass can now be cut.
    (Job) – Fixed Mechin doors being assigned to the wrong room in the job.
  • Stowaway tenant:
    (Both) – Fixed Attic Beam position to allow proper placement of ceiling lamps.
  • Kame House:
    (House) – Adjusted walkable area of your pets.
    (House) – Fixed pets getting stuck in the boat.

We still highly encourage you to send us all your feedback regarding Pets DLC. If only you spot anything that might look weird to you, feel free to let us know on our discord channel.

Although this update focuses mainly on bug fixes, we’d also like to ask for your opinion! Many of you have wondered why pets (especially dogs and cats) wouldn’t follow you on stairs. At first, we weren’t sure about this, since stairs happen to be dangerous for animals, and surprisingly, this kind of mechanic would also be pretty problematic from the technical side. Nevertheless, since the release, we’ve received a huge amount of requests, so we’ve come up with an idea which you can see below:

Do you think we should implement this mechanic in that kind of form? Let us know in the comments below!


Last but not least, during our launch celebration, we found a moment to take a quick photo of the Frozen Way crew, who along with the support from Frozen District, managed to deliver House Flipper – Pets DLC. As far as I know, they wanted to say two words – Thank You!

That would be it for today’s development update, flippers. If you have any questions or ideas regarding House Flipper – Pets DLC, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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