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Hydroneer Update 2.2.4 Patch Notes – May 3, 2023

A new Hydroneer update 2.2.4 patch notes are released for players. Read what is new and fixed in today’s Hydroneer patch. Read the official patch 2.2.4 notes below.

Hydroneer Patch 2.2.4 Notes – May 3, 2023

— Fixes

  • Major improvements on placing items near diggable dirt. Will not prevent placement as much as before when placing items near/inside dirt.
  • Logic Saw no longer drops FPS after using it to cut many items.
  • Logic Saw will now ‘timeout’ items to prevent them from being cut multiple times when passing through once.
  • Logic Saw will only work when powered by water in the conveyor’s pipe that it’s attached to.
  • Logic Saw will no longer cut items when its picked up and dropped onto items.
  • Clearing raw resources will no longer sometimes remove resources on splitters.
  • Conveyor Splitters can now split all items, including some build items that previously would not register.
  • Conveyor Splitters will no longer register placed build items that are very close to the registration platform.
  • Conveyor Splitters will now properly split items properly and won’t require being picked up again.
  • Conveyor splitters will now stop splitting fish when fishes are removed.
  • Anvils will no longer be able to craft items using the same bar if balanced the bar between two slots.
  • Users will no longer fall through voxel dirt when loading their save files.

— Changes

  • Dirt wand will now be able to place dirt anywhere in a dig site, instead of only placing dirt when already looking at dirt.
  • Conveyor Splitter names are updated, they now read ‘left/right’.
  • Rake prices updated.

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