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MIR4 Update Patch Notes – Jan. 25, 2023

A new MIR4 update patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s MIR4 update will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s MIR4 patch. Read the official patch notes below.

MIR4 Patch Notes – January 25, 2023

◈In-Game Updates◈

  1. New Field Area: Snowfield
  • Go on your adventure with a new field area.
  1. New Cooperation Mission: Stage 10
  • Defeat mighty bosses with clan members and get rewards.
  1. New Event: Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event
  • Challenge yourself to obtain Legendary Magic Stone.
  1. Adjustments to crafting costs and prices in NPC Shop.
  • Crafting cost for Dragon Artifact will be adjusted.
  • Price for Ice Crystal will be adjusted upon purchasing the item.
  1. Adjustments in costs and probability of Enchant.
  • Probability of Special Enchant for Equipment will be adjusted.
  • Enchant costs for Dragon Artifact will be adjusted.
  1. New Legendary Spirit: Small White Dragon Chunryu
  • Summon and equip a spirit that supports both you and your party members.
  1. New Mount: Season IV
  • Get the fascinating mounts of MIR4.
  1. Improvements to the ‘Sanctuary PvP Mechanisms’.
  • You can directly attack enemies who attack the Sanctuary.


[January 26th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈
■ New Field Area — Snowfield
● ‘Snowfield’ will be newly opened, and the Max. level will be expanded to 180.

  • Nine Dragon Ice Field, Nine Dragon Ice Palace, Nine Dragon Labyrinth, Sagittarion Valley, Sagittarion Temple will be added in ‘Snowfield’, and with the addition of new field area, there will be a significant increase in the number of new available main quests, missions, and requests.
  • Max advancement level for Conquest buildings will be expanded to stage 23 except for Sanctuary of Hydra. Upon advancing the Tower of Conquest to stage 23, your characters will be able to reach up to a Maximum of level 180.
  • Max advancement stage of ‘Constitution’ will be increased to stage 19, and that of ‘Inner Force’ Muscle Strength Manual, Nine Yin Manual, and Nine Yang Manual will be increased to stage 18.
  • 151 new codices will be added with the addition of new field areas.

● Level Achievement reward will be added.

  • Lv. 175 reached: Lv. 175 Reward Coffer x1, Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1
  • Lv. 180 reached: Lv. 180 Reward Coffer x1, Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1

■ Field Boss
● New field boss ‘Netherevil Celestial’ will be spawned in Nine Dragon Labyrinth 4F.

  • Boss: Netherevil Celestial
  • Level: 175

● New field boss ‘Wretched Blood General’ will be spawned in Sagittarion Valley 4F.

  • Boss: Wretched Blood General
  • Level: 180

■ Expedition
● Expedition Available Area will be added.

  • New Areas: Nine Dragon Labyrinth 4F, Sagittarion Valley 4F

■ Clan
● Clan Cooperation Mission Stage 10 will be added.

  • Boss: Azure Stone Golem General
  • Level: 160
  • Spawn Area: Nine Dragon Labyrinth 4F

■ Event
● Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event will be added.

  1. Event Period
  • January 30th, 2023, 00:00 (UTC+8)–February 1st, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8)
  1. Costs
    [th]1 Summon[/th]
    [th]10+1 Summons[/th]
    [td]Magic Stone[/td]
    [td]100,000 Darksteel[/td]
    [td]1,000,000 Darksteel[/td]
    ※ 1 Free Summon will be provided every day.
  2. Cautions
  • You can participate in the event through the fire-cracker shaped icon at the top left of the in-game windows.
  • The maximum limit for Event Summons per day is 110 Summons (10+1 Summon x10), and the total limit for the entire event period is 330 Summons. (1 Free Summon per day excluded)
  • Daily Summon Count will be reset every day at 00:00 (UTC+8).
  • Accumulated Event Incense Burner points will be deleted after the event period. (Event Incense Burner points only)
  • Please be aware that all Event Incense Burner points accumulated from previous Legendary Magic Stone Challenge events will have been reset every time this event starts.
    ※ Please refer to [[Notice] Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event] for further details.

■ Craft
● Crafting costs for Dragon Artifact will be adjusted.

  • Epic Dragon Artifact: 1,000 Dragonsteel → 500 Dragonsteel
  • Legendary Dragon Artifact: 20,000 Dragonsteel → 5,000 Dragonsteel

■ NPC Shop
● Price of Rare Ice Crystal will be adjusted.

  • NPC: [Spacetime Merchant] Lamper
  • Location: Arcadia Spirit Village
  • Price of Rare Ice Crystal: 100,000 Darksteel → 50,000 Darksteel

■ Enchant
● Probability of Special Enchant for Equipment will be adjusted.

  • You will now be able to get better properties when Enchanting Equipment.

● Enchant costs for Dragon Artifact will be adjusted.
[th]Required Item[/th]
[th]Change in Required Quantity[/th]
[th]Required Resources[/th]
[td]Rare Dragon Artifact[/td]
[td]Dragon Artifact Enchant Scroll[/td]
[td]1 (No changes applied)[/td]
[td]1 (No changes applied)
4,000 → 2,000[/td]
[td]Epic Dragon Artifact[/td]
[td]Dragon Artifact Enchant Scroll[/td]
[td]5 → 2[/td]
[td]4 → 2
40,000 → 10,000[/td]
[td]Legendary Dragon Artifact[/td]
[td]Dragon Artifact Enchant Scroll[/td]
[td]20 → 5[/td]
[td]20 → 5
200,000 → 100,000[/td]
■ Spirit
● New Legendary Aqua Spirit ‘Small White Dragon Chunryu’ will be added.

  • Passive bonus once summoned: Spell DEF +40

    [th]Skill Effect[/th]
    [td]Pure White Porcelain[/td]
    [td]Increases Max HP by 2300, Max MP by 800, Bash ATK DMG Boost by 30%, and Bash DMG Reduction by 30%.[/td]
    [td]Blue Cobalt[/td]
    [td]Increases Monster ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Monster DMG Reduction by 15%, Silence RES Boost by 25%, and Knockdown RES Boost by 25%. [/td]
    [td]Clear Enamel[/td]
    [td]Increases Hunting EXP Gain by 20%, Antidemon Power by 10%, and Item Drop Chance by 10%.
    Hard and Smooth[/td]
    [td]Hard and Smooth[/td]
    [td]Increases EVA by 300 and Crit EVA by 300 for 4 sec upon using Evade. Cooldown 25 sec.[/td]
    [td][Party Leader] Soul Jar[/td]
    [td]Increases the party’s Skill ATK DMG Boost by 5%, Boss DMG Reduction by 20%, and Antidemon Power by 10% for 60 sec on attack. Cooldown 30 sec.[/td]
  • Small White Dragon Chunryu’s skill [Party Leader] Soul Jar effect will be indefinitely applied to the character that has this spirit summoned, and if this character is a party leader, party members located within 30m of the character’s range will also receive the buffs.
  • Small White Dragon Chunryu will only be obtained from Legendary Spirit Special Summon.

● Spirit stone for Legendary Spirit ‘Small White Dragon Chunryu’ can be obtained through Legendary Spirit Special Summon.

  • Period: After January 26th Update, 2023–Before February 21st Update, 2023

● Legendary Spirits referred below will be obtainable from Spirit Summon, Combine, and Exchange.

  • Legendary Spirits Being Added: Dark Crown Prince Wooska, North Sea Demon King Sumacheon, Alluring Spirit Cat Lulu

■ Outfits and Mounts
● New mounts will be added.

  • Cost: Mount Exchange Ticket Season Ⅳ

    Evil Vanquisher Unicorn Ox

    Twin Stream Temple Wooden Fish

● Weapon Exchange Ticket: Season I will be added.

  • Weapon Season I will be sold again for Dragonians who have not purchased them.

■ PvP — Sanctuary
● Your PvP status will be immediately shifted to Hostile upon attacking the Sanctuary.

  • The PvP status of any character that attacks the Sanctuary will immediately shift to Hostile, and will be open to attack by the character that has summoned the Sanctuary, and their clan members.
  • The alignment points of any character that has summoned the Sanctuary and their clan members will not decrease upon killing enemies who have attacked their Sanctuary.
  • Characters currently in a Duel will not be able to attack enemies attacking the Sanctuary.

■ Summon
● ‘Stop upon obtaining’ feature will be added to 100+10 Summons.

  • Applied To: Epic Special Summon, Legendary Special Summon
  • After choosing the option ‘Stop upon obtaining’ and proceeding with 100+10 Summons, the Summon will automatically stop upon obtaining the Target Spirit for Special Summon.

■ Item
● The information button for Codex Gear and Demon Badge will be changed.

  • [Craft] button in the information window of Codex Gear will be deleted.
  • [Craft] button will be added to the information window of Demon Badge.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements

  1. Fix on the issue of displaying the Favorite tab of Chatting abnormally after Wayfarer Travel and logging in to the game with another device.
  2. Fix on the issue of unprocessable Auto Air Walk upon proceeding with a specific quest.
  3. Fix on the issue that only the one who has dealt a final strike on the quest monster within the party can clear the party quest.
  4. Improvements to item use with an increase of the maximum amount of item boxes that can be used at once from 100 to 500.
  5. Improvement in the display of names where, when a character attacks another character whose name has turned pink due to PK, the attacking character’s name will also turn pink.
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