New features for Remix 3D are now available with latest update

Microsoft announces new capabilities in Remix 3D – Parts and Remixes. The Remixes sections will display how other Remix 3D users have recreated or remixed a certain creation. And the Parts section will display all the different elements that are in a 3D creation.

The Remixes tab is a way to show how other creators are inspired and building off other amazing creations. If someone remixed a model you created, their new design would point back to your original model in the Remixes tab.

Official Post,

On any model page on, you’ll now notice two new tabs: Parts and Remixes. Parts will display the individual parts that make up the model. An island with a tree and a pirate on it may have three parts: the island model, the tree model and the pirate model.

But what if someone remixes that island and adds a ship? That would appear under Remixes.

The new features also work in the Paint 3D app. You can check out the new tabs at the Remix 3D website.