Nokia true 3D Touch in operation with Mixview

Recently, a video made its way over the internet, which shows the alleged Nokia McLaren handset with a glimpse of Nokia true 3D Touch and how the exploding MixView Tiles operated on the handset. As it can be seen from the video, a user is seen working with the Live Tiles,

The 3D Touch Microsoft is still too immature for commercialization, but in the video it seems clear its actual operation. The result appears to be compromised by a not really practical use. For this reason, Microsoft would have decided to discontinue development.

Mixview should have been in one of the 10 Windows Mobile, but has never been implemented exclusive features, except in a prototype version. According to a Microsoft patent published a few months ago, the project would still be in the pipeline. Through a gesture, maybe a pinch-to-zoom, it would be possible to expand the tile and access the secondary functions without having to open the application.