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Northend Tower Defense Version 0.6 Patch Notes – January 24, 2023

A new Northend Tower Defense update 0.6 patch notes are released for players. Since the last major update, players have been experiencing multiple issues and bugs Hopefully, today’s Northend Tower Defense update 0.6 will address some of these issues and bugs.

Read what is new and fixed in today’s Northend Tower Defense patch. Read the official patch notes below.

Northend Tower Defense 0.6 Patch Notes – January 24, 2023


There are now 2 primary modes:

Campaign Mode
  • In campaign mode, you advance level by level, and at the end of the run, you’ll receive HP based on your performance.
  • A unit you used in the previous round can be picked up to stay with you in the subsequent level so you can choose it from the upgrades.
  • Each new level, new enemy unit type will be added.
  • With each successive level, the run gets harder.
  • The last level has a boss and a significant tank battle.
  • The HP will reset with each new run, therefore you must purchase a unit before playing again. Restarting the run will also cause the HP accumulated throughout the run to be lost.
Free play
  • Free to choose any map on any difficulty.
  • Waves and unit types based on the chosen map
  • While playing in Free Play mode, the player won’t acquire HP.
  • Units don’t migrate to next round.


New map has been added:

Enemies Headquarters:

New end level map, that has a boss and big tanks, very challenging. It’s the enemy’s city you went to their door step, don’t expect them to act kindly.

There’s a 2nd part to this map, when the level finishes a big blimp will come as a final boss, we wish you the best, winning this part; good challenge for who wants more.


2 new enemies has been added:


An airship boss which drops units on the battlefield.

Big Tank

Armored vehicle that have Machineguns from all sides.


2 units has been improved:

Player’s Parachute Plane

Improved textures and pathing.

Enemy’s Parachute Plane

Improved textures.


Changes to units and waves:

Balance Waves
  • Waves throughout the campaign are new and unique, distinct from those in free play.
Balance Units
  • Enemies bombers has been buffed.
  • Enemy’s mortar has been debuffed.
  • Shotgun has been buffed.
  • Bofors has been debuffed.


Some changes on the HP gains (We are open to feedback on this change):

  • HP could be gained only by playing the campaign mode.
  • With every new campaign run, HP will be reset.
  • The player doesn’t gain any HP during free play.


Balance changes to economy in levels:


Balanced the money income.

Big Trench

Balanced the money income.


Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Passive: Artillery Strike, now drops on better positions.
  • Stop planes movement when players enter build mode.
  • Stop abilities cooldown in build mode.
  • Couldn’t build in certain area in Dangerous Shores due collider position issue.
  • Couldn’t shoot all the way in dangerous shores area due to tilted floor.
  • In game upgrade text had faulty code that showed a broken text.
  • Stop all units from reloading in Build Mode.
  • Fixed a bug in achievements.


2 abilities has been improved:

  • Mines: Increased damage against vehicles and units.
  • Bomber: 3 Planes that drop bombs instead of 1.


Addition to graphics in various areas:

  • Text will be shown “R to rotate” when there is rotation function that could be used on any unit or ability.
  • Unit upgrades will show in red when hovering over it in game
  • Changed the look of the main menu.
  • Added new cinematics.
  • Ready to battle sprite has been added.
  • Planes thin smoke trails has been added.
Loading Screens
  • 2 new loading screens has been added.


Gameplay changes and improvements:

Game Start
  • Added 15 seconds timer on the start of each level.
  • Removed starting Bofors from all levels.
In Game
  • Increased camera default speed.
End Game
  • On level ending there will be artillery that kills all enemies instead of a plane dropping a bomb.

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