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PEDANTIX 706: Word of the Day Solution for April 18, 2024

Every day at noon, the Pedantix website challenges you to guess a Wikipedia page among millions of possibilities. The Pedantix word of the day for April 18, 2024, is “Yellow Fever,” a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical regions, characterized by fever, pain, and jaundice.

Clues for the Pedantix word of the day on April 18, 2024

Here is a series of clues to help you find the solution on your own:

  1. I am an ancient scourge born in tropical forests.
  2. My messenger is a small flying and stinging insect.
  3. I have traveled across oceans, changing history.
  4. My distinctive sign is a color reminiscent of the sun and gold.
  5. I am feared by doctors and fled by travelers.
  6. I cause fever, pain, and yellow complexion in my victims.
  7. Once incurable, I am now prevented by a vaccine.

With a little thought, you’ve surely guessed that this is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical regions, famous for the fever and jaundice it causes.

Revealing the Pedantix solution for April 18, 2024

Here is the answer for today’s Pedantix challenge: Yellow Fever

And there you have it, the mystery is solved! Yellow fever is a potentially deadly viral disease, but fortunately, a vaccine exists to protect against it before traveling to risk areas.

Congratulations to all those who found the solution, and see you tomorrow for a new Pédantix challenge!

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