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Rainbow Six Siege 1.41 Update released – Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege 1.41 update is now available with Operation White Noise. The latest Rainbow Six Siege update 1.41 comes with new Operators, new maps, and much more. The update also introducing a new recoil animation for pistols, new UI indicators for Operators’ abilities, and a grenade trajectory synchronization. The Rainbow Six Siege version 1.41 size is around 13.2Gb on PS4 and 14.19Gb on XB1. The patch size is 23.36Gb with High Res and 15.23Gb without High Res on PC.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.41 Patch Notes

New Operators

  • The new Operators VIGIL and DOKKAEBI are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can then unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends.
  • Zofia Bosak is the second Specialist from Poland’s counter-terrorism unit GROM to integrate into Rainbow, the first being her younger sister, Elzbieta Bosak.


  • Inspired by the renowned bravery of the phantom special reconnaissance unit formed at the brink of WWII, Mute embodies the F Squadron.  Each Elite set is Operator-specific, and includes a distinctively themed Uniform, Weapon Skin, Gadget Skin, Chibi Charm, and Signature Victory Animation.

New Map – Tower

  • In Operation White Noise, two 707th SMB Operators scale the snow-capped Mok Myeok Tower to lead a rescue mission in Seoul, South Korea. The modern communications and observation tower offers fresh vertical vantage points overlooking the entire cityscape, and sets the stage for diverse multilevel tactics.

Weapon Skins

  • To celebrate the end of Year Two, flaunt our latest Seasonal Weapon Skins: Tiger Claw, Feral, Phoenix, Fearless, and Polish-inspired Husaria. Seasonal weapon skins can be applied to the weapons available until the end of the current season.
Rainbow six siege update 1.41
Rainbow six siege update 1.41

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.41 General Tweaks

Game Health


The Trajectory Synchronization change is to fix issues where a grenade would desync on the game client and suddenly teleport back. This synchronization change allows us to align the trajectory between what the server sees and what you see on your client. This will reduce the chances that your grenade will return to you after releasing it.

Together with this change, we will take the player velocity into consideration when throwing a grenade. As a result, moving while throwing a grenade will alter the trajectory in various ways. The initial velocity of the grenade will now be combined with the thrower’s movement velocity at the time the grenade was thrown. The thrower’s velocity will therefore modify the trajectory of the grenade in these ways:

  • Throwing a grenade while moving forward will result in a longer throw.
  • Throwing a grenade while moving backward will result in a shorter throw.
  • Throwing a grenade while strafing will induce a lateral movement in the grenade trajectory.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.41 changed the pistol animation for greater player comfort. This will make pistols a true choice for players, not just a last resort when you are out of bullets.

Rainbow Six Siege update 1.41 also increased the rate of fire of all pistols. Players can discharge their magazine significantly faster with this change. This has the added benefit of making pistols more lethal, which ties into making them a real choice for players.


Rainbow Six Siege version 1.41 introducing buff and debuff indicators on the UI HUD. This will allow for better visualization of when you, for example, have Rook armor or step on a Lesion mine. With the new visual unification of all effects on the player’s character, this means anything you have applied to you is now displayed.

This includes:

  • Rook Armor
  • Jackal’s mark (and marking as jackal)
  • Lesion’s GU mine
  • Dokkeaebi’s Phone hack

There also is a color coding:

  • Blue: Positive effect
  • Red: Negative effect

Full patch notes are available here.

Check your game update and download latest Rainbow Six Siege 1.41 update on your PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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