Rainbow Six Siege DLC with New Maps And Operators Coming


Ubisoft today announced that Rainbow Six Siege will receive the third year of DLC as well as additional support next year. Next year, game developers will add eight new Operators, two new maps, and one “existing map makeover”.

Year 3 will consist of four seasons, each including two new Operators. The first of those four seasons is called Operation Chimera, which will include “biohazard specialist” characters from France and Russia. It will also include Outbreak, a new, limited-time co-op event.

Rainbow Six Siege DLC

The Season 2 will include two new Italian GIS Operators and a new map set in Italy. Season 3, meanwhile, will bring one character from the UK’s Scotland Yard and one from the US’s Delta Force. Additionally, an existing map will be reworked for this season. Finally, Season 4 will introduce two Moroccan Operators and a new map from the same region.


Year 3’s season pass will be available to purchase on December 12.

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